When I began my natural hair journey, I was excited about wearing my wash-day curly styles outside the house. The only problem was that I wanted to wear it even more after wash days! The solution? No heat curls! This effortless protective style can be done on any hair type but works best for those with low porosity hair. It’s also an excellent way to keep your hair looking nice when you’re straightening or wearing your curls out.

According to Rebecca Stice, there are a couple of ways of achieving curls without using heat in the process. I started to use ShamPHree because I wanted to explore and try new protective styles and find out if they were as easy and fun as they said.

Tutorial: How To Make No Heat Curls

No heat curls are easy to make and don’t involve a lot of products. The hairstyle also creates the illusion of longer hair, which, since I’ve started growing my hair much longer, has been a constant struggle.

Step 1

Apply your styling product on your roots only on clean, damp, towel-dried hair. This style works best when you have the least amount of added product, so I recommend putting it only on your roots because your curls will take shape from there. My stylist recommended using shea butter or warm water as a heatless curl moisturizer. I recommend doing this protective style at night because you’ll want to sleep with the no-heat curls in your hair so that they can set overnight.

Step 2

Wash and condition your hair in the morning with a deep conditioner such as Biosilk or Oyin Handmade Hair Dew. It is advisable to wash your hair at least once a week if you’re doing this style regularly. However, if you’re doing it for special occasions or my wash days, it will be ok two or three times a month.

Step 3

Twist your hair into a low, high, or double Dutch braid depending on how much hair you have and where it naturally falls. The most important thing is to make sure the braid is tight so that the curls will hold in place while they dry.

Step 4

The last thing to do is unravel the braid and take out a couple of curls starting at the back of your head. According to Brooke Shunatona, put your hair into a low loose ponytail, and secure it in place with a hair tie. Your curls should be dry by now. 


  • Silk Pudding beads or other textured gel.
  • A medium-sized plastic bag. The bag will be your base for the hairstyle.
  • A scarf. Scarves are helpful because they come in so many different textures and colors, some that'll match your hair and others that won't, making them easier to find.
  • Bobby pins.
  • Hair ties (preferably transparent, so the hairstyle doesn't look bulky).

Tips/Suggestions on How To Make No Heat Curls

  • I think the best time to do this style is on school mornings or after school to wear it out because you’ll have time to set them at home and then wear them out in the day. 
  • Use a hooded dryer on a low heat setting so that you don’t fry your hair. Wearing the hairstyle for two to three days will not damage it. 
  • You can also wear the no heat curls for the weekend by playing with your hair, changing up hairstyles, or just wearing them out. 
  • Also, you can do this style during the holidays as an elegant alternative to a regular bun. 

FAQ’s on How To Make No Heat Curls

Are heatless curls damaging?

Not at all. When I asked my Deva stylist about these curls, she said there should be little to no heat damage if you’re using a deep conditioner regularly and wearing your curls for 2 or 3 days. That’s because the moisture gets into your hair shaft and the only heat damaging thing that could happen is if you were to blow dry it without a hooded dryer.

Is no shampoo better for your hair?

Yes! No shampoo is excellent for your hair because it builds up the natural oils that keep it healthy and hydrated. Since you’re not washing your hair every day, the oils build up and can help to keep your curls moisturized.

What if I want to wear my hair out like this every day?

Yes, the best way to keep your curls looking great is to sleep in a loose ponytail. All you have to do is wear your hair in a high or low ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. You can also put it in two low-loose pigtails if that’s more comfortable for you.

Ok, so I know that no heat curls are a protective style, but what do they mean exactly?

No heat curls are a method of styling that’s done while you sleep. It allows your curls to retain their shape and beauty by letting them dry naturally overnight.

Is this a new type of curly hairstyle?

No, no heat curl hairstyles have been around since the late 1990s. These curls are incredibly unique because they’re worn overnight and don’t require heat during the styling process. Since the curls require no heat, they are more authentic, natural, and less damaging to the hair.

Does no heat curl hairstyles require your hair to be damaged from heat styling?

Not at all. You can wear no heat curls even if you have straight or wavy hair. For this reason, it’s an excellent protective style for those with low porosity or low elasticity strands because it won’t damage your hair too much.


Curly girls everywhere know how hard it is to wear your hair curly; sometimes, you want to wear your natural hair out, but many factors prevent you from doing so. If you’re concerned about shrinkage, washing your hair daily, tangling, or frizz, then this protective style is for you! No heat curls are an easy and convenient way to wear your wash day curls cutely and stylishly. It’s a great protective styling idea that allows you to achieve wash day curls effortlessly with little to no heat damage. To see this hairstyle on other hair types and adapt it to your style, check out this video tutorial: 

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