Step by step: Infinity Braid

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    Brush all of your hair back, ensuring there are no knots or tangles. This is to help when grabbing sections of hair as you braid. Next, section the hair off where you would like to braid. We will do this process at the temples, separating top from bottom. Then, hold the top part in your hands.

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    Section the hair in your hand into two sections. First, grab a small outside piece from the section, and bring it underneath the bigger right section. Next, get it over the left area, and once over the left section, keep hold of the smaller piece and add some hair from the side of your hair as you would a French braid.

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    Bring it under the left section and right after adding hair to the smaller space. That would create one of our first infinity loops. Once you return to the right section, loop over, grab a small piece of hair from the side, then loop under the right section and over the left.

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    Repeat this process of adding smaller hairpieces to the smaller section while looping over and under both zones. Forming a continuous infinity loop.

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    Keep everything nice and tight while continuing this pattern down to where you want the braid to end.

  6. Step

    After braiding your hair, be sure to secure the ends with an elastic, so none of your hard work falls apart.

What is an infinity braid?

The infinity braid consists of a figure 8 pattern in the braiding technique, more like an infinity sign. It is named the infinity braid for the figure 8 way described, but it also looks like it goes on forever. You can do it with all of your hair, use a smaller section as a statement piece, or even do a half updo infinity braid. It’s easy to do with medium and long hair, adding some flair to a regular braid. I have a step-by-step easy infinity braid process listed below for you.


The infinity braid is such a lovely hairstyle to add to any casual outfit you’re wearing. It provides comfort by keeping hair out of your face with style. In case you need a video, here’s the video for the step by step process:

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