Hair preservation is enjoyable when done delightfully. When we follow any method of preserving our hair step by step, we will eventually get satisfaction from our hairstyles. The natural way of hair preservation is the best because it is not costly. Also, it saves time. Moreover, the hair grows naturally without disruptions from external factors such as chemicals.

How do you role your hair in a scarf?

Scarf Roll From Back

How do you role your hair in a scarf?

  1. Backcombing the Crown of the Head

    Backcombing refers to combing hair to form volumes and create hairstyles, also known as back brushing. You should place a brush in the middle of your hair and search it straight and with downward strokes. Redo this until you observe a bulk of hair assembling at the foot. It is done by enrooting the scalp to give the size to flat hair and for the hair to knot up. It also creates a fuller look.

  2. Section the Sides Behind Ears Forward

    Segment both edges are originating from the back of the ear onwards. Segmenting can be done by first massaging your scalp to increase the hair volume. Next, comb your hair upwards from both sides to meet at the center of the scalp. Then, put on a scarf for a few minutes to reduce direct sunlight and dust exposure, protecting the hair’s natural oils.

  3. Making Dutch Braid on One Side

    Form a compact dutch twine on one side. Braid the other edge of the hair downwards, and seal it with an elasticated material. Collect a narrow segment of hair from the outline of the scalp hair and divide it into three tinier ones. Start plaiting with the right hair strands. Begin with a streamlined braid by forming an underhand braid, then proceed with a Dutch braid till you reach your neck. Finalize with a regular braid, then bind it.

  4. Repeat Step 3 on the Other Side

    Repeat the process in step 3 on the other side of the head.

How To Tie a Ponytail Scarf?

  1. Joining Braids at the Back of the Head
    Divide your hair at the center—discrete your hair into two portions, the right and the left side. Take hold of the detached edge and begin the back of the neck. Divide this portion into three parts. Make a dutch or reverse braid. Intertwine each of the strands under each other.
  2. Form a Ponytail
    Take the remaining hair to a ponytail at the foot of the neck and tighten it with a firm ponytail holder. Drag the holder downwards the pony until it is at the edges of the hair. Alternatively, get hold of some hair from your portion twine it into a narrow strand, the size of your finger. Assemble all hair, including the braid, into a halfway height ponytail, and fix it with a hair tie. Enclose a narrow strand of hair at the foot of your ponytail to lengthen the hair tie. Secure it with a pin. 
  3. Tie Scarf Around the Ponytail
    According to Alex Gaboury, we should wrap the hair around the base. Alternatively, you can use a scarf to place the middle of it, covering the tips of the ends of the ponytail.
  4. Roll Ends Around the Scarf
    Fold the Scarf into two so that to attain a rectangular shape. Next, fold it diagonally to get a triangular shape. Hold the two edges found on the longest side of the Scarf and bind them around your head. You can put your hair into a pony, then enclose a scarf around the pony and bind in a slight twist on top. Pull and pinch the inch beyond the pony to create volume.
  5. Consistent Rolling
    Roll continuously up to the head. Get hold of the ends of your Scarf bind around the forefront of the head, back, and around.
  6. Tying the end of the Scarf
    The video of Alex Gaboury is very informative. It explains step to step how we are supposed to make a ponytail. For example, the hair’s setting, rolling, setting, and holding from the base. It is a high-quality video reviewed and recommended for use in articles.


Beauty is one of the significant aspects of the lives of women. Women love to be attractive, and they spend a lot of money and time on beauty. The hair is the center stage of the beauty of a woman. Many people believe that ladies are attractive because of their hair. Women’s hair, therefore, needs to be treated. There are ways of taking care of the hair to look beautiful. Some of the courses include Oiling, drying the hair, styling hair naturally, trimming hair regularly, and washing hair regularly. In this section, we have discussed the ShampHree method, which has appeared to be the best. Also, the tying of the scarfs and making of ponytails are so attractive on women. As a woman, you are encouraged to work on your beauty using the suggested methods above. 

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