It is so important to blend in your extensions. Hair extensions are such a great way to get beautiful hair with little or no effort, but if you don’t do something about the color blending, you might end up with a very different look than you wanted.

Most people prefer not to trim their new hair because they paid so much for it and get excited about it being so long. However, luxe hair highly recommends cutting to make your extensions blend in better. It makes the wings look much more realistic, and it keeps your hair healthy as well.

There are a lot of myths that hair extensions can damage your hair! Please check this article to prove those myths wrong!

 A little bit of trimming and some layering is all you need. The perfect layers ponytail cut does the trick every time.

Blending In Hair Extensions

Blending in hair extensions

1. If you are serious about blending, hire a professional colorist to do your makeover for you:

Ask them what color they will be using. Don’t go in for the appointment if the colorist won’t be dyeing the extensions! 

It’s better to take some time and plan before getting extensions than get them, only to find out later that they weren’t going to be. Also, try to find a style that matches your hair as closely as possible. Some styles will look better on you than others, and your stylist can help you out with that.

2. Choose a color from your natural hair color:

It will prevent the new extensions from looking too unnatural. Then have your extensions colored at the same time you color your hair. You can choose to have the same color or a shade lighter or darker if you wish. It’s up to you to decide how much difference you want between your hair and the extensions you are getting.

3. If you choose to get extensions but keep your roots looking natural, you can apply a semi-permanent dye:

It will not only help blend the extension color with your hair, but it will give you some more time as well.

4. You can also have your extensions dyed at the same time you dye your hair:

It is essential to lighten your extensions. It would be best if you tried to get the same or lighter color as your natural hair, or your extensions will look much more unnatural than you would want them to.

If you are getting extensions but don’t want to dye your hair, it is essential to make sure your hair is not too dark when you get them. If they are too dark, they will be harder to blend. It means that if you have dark hair, you should have a more brightly colored extension.

Once your extensions are colored, it’s essential to let them set for at least a couple of weeks before adding hair accessories like weaves, braids, and ponytails. This way, they will look as natural as possible.

5. When getting the extensions applied, make sure to let the stylist know that you would like for them to be as natural-looking as possible:

A good stylist will consider this and will take their time applying for the extensions so that they blend in well with your hair. 

Another thing to pay attention to is the amount of time between appointments. Since you need to have your hair colored and bleached at least once a month, it is a good idea to go in for your extensions after you have had your hair colored so that if some parts of the extensions are much darker than others, they will blend in better with the rest of your hair.

6. Deep conditioning is a must, but don’t make it a habit:

Your stylist will recommend a specific type of product to use, and if you don’t follow their direction, they are not obligated to fix any issues caused by your lousy hair routine. Conditioning can either be done with your stylist or at home. You should use a leave-in conditioner to weigh down your hair if you do it at home. It would be best to condition the hair extensions as close to the appointment time as possible, but no more than three days before.

There are also conditioning products designed specifically for hair extensions. These will have to be used every time you wash your hair, and you can purchase them at a beauty supply store or online. These products are not cheap, but they will keep your extensions looking as good as the day you get them. Moreover, consider using only those extensions that are suitable for your hair. For thin hair, you can check this article to find the best extensions you need.

If you want to up your chances of getting them applied and blended in perfectly, then make sure that the stylist seals the ends of the extensions well. If a few or even many stray hairs come out during application, it is usually a sign that they haven’t sealed them properly. A good stylist can probably tell just by looking over your hair if they weren’t done correctly.

I advise you to maintain your hair extensions carefully. Pamper them, condition them, and brush them gently. It would be best to talk to a stylist about caring for your hair extensions.

 You can follow this video from Luxy Hair for clear guidance on the same:

 Hopefully, this will help you out with your hair extensions.

Why it’s essential to blend your extensions?

Extensions will look more natural and less fake if they match the rest of your hair color.

Extensions can look cheap and fake if they don’t blend in with your hair.

Extensions will look more natural and less artificial if they match your skin tone.


Hair Extensions are a great new way to wear hair, but properly blending them in is the key to looking natural and gorgeous all at the same time.

There should be a smooth transition from your natural hair to the hair extensions from your roots to your ends.

Remember to take great care of your extensions and treat them like any other hair. Proper care will keep your hair extensions looking perfect and help you achieve your dream look.

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