There are so many different twisted bun hairstyles that you can do, but here is a fashionable one that only takes 2 minutes to do! 

Twisted Bun Hairstyle

twisted bun

How do you do a twist bun?

Total Time: 2 minutes

Step 1

Get some dry shampoo and spray it all in your hair

Get some dry shampoo and spray it all in your hair. Dry shampoo helps tease your hair naturally and gives it the volume needed for the twisted bun hairstyle. I’ve learned that it also helps your hair stay in place rather than fall out.

Step 2

Section your hair into three sections

Section your hair into three sections. The way you want to section your hair is to make a line down one side of your head, right behind your hair. First, separate the hair from the front and back, then divide the front two parts where you part your hair. That could be down the middle, more left, more right. This hairstyle works with any part and is super easy to section.

Step 3

Twist the hair tie, and bunch your hair up into a fist

Grab the back section of hair and pull it up halfway from the top of your head into a hairband. Next, Twist the hair tie, and bunch your hair up into a fist. After wrapping the hair in a fist up in a hair tie, wrap it one more time with the same hair tie. Just make sure none of the hair falls out or is too stiff.

Step 4

bun into more of a knot in the back

After pulling the bun into more of a knot in the back, pull some hair loose. You do that by grabbing the bun’s base at the halfway point, grabbing some hair from the top section, and pulling up slightly. Not too much to make it completely loose, just very little to help give some volume to where the twists will be meeting the bun.

Step 5

Take a couple of bobby pins and any loose pieces sticking out

Take a couple of bobby pins and any loose pieces sticking out, securing them to the back of the head to make sure it doesn’t fall out.

Step 6

Grab either one of the two front pieces

Grab either one of the two front pieces and section out a small rectangle at the top. Then, section the rectangle into twos, wrapping the front piece up and over the back.

Step 7

When the back piece is now the bottom piece, grab small sections, and wrap up and over the top. Again, you’re just trading them off, repeating this process until you get to your ear.

Step 8

Once you reach your hair, take both parts and twirl them counter-clockwise to help keep all of the hair in those sections together.

Step 9

After twirling them counter-clockwise, take both pieces and go in a clockwise motion of trading them off. Secure the end with a hair tie, then repeat the same process to the other side. Start slowly pulling at each twist very lightly to bring some hair out, make it look more natural wavy, and get some frame pieces to bring attention to your face.

Step 10

Grab either section again, pull it back over the top of your bun, and wrap it underneath. Going around the bun as much as you can, wrap it repeatedly until you are almost out of hair to wrap, and tuck the end of the section into your bun. Pin the ends of the sections with bobby pins so they don’t fall out, repeat the process to the same side. Take some fingers through your hair lightly, loosening the twists and bun not to hurt your head.

Step 11

twisted bun

Coat with hairspray, so it doesn’t fall out, and you have a gorgeous twist bun that everyone will be asking where you got your hair done.


  • Dry shampoo
  • 2 rubber bands
  • 1 hairtie
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair spray
  • Teasing come (optional)

FAQ’s: Twisted Bun

  • How to secure a twisted bun?

    How do you secure twisted bun?

    You secure a twisted bun by having bobby pins ready along with multiple hair ties.
    Use the bobby pins to secure the bun to your scalp. After twisting your front two sections tie the bottoms with a hair tie to secure the twists, wrapping them around the bun.
    Once one is wrapped bobby pin it to your scalp, and do the same for the other front section.
    After securing with hair ties and bobby pins, use hairspray to help it stay voluminous and secure.


I’m glad I could write this tutorial to help some people out. This youtube video was the inspiration for the twist bun hairstyle. I saw it and just wanted to share it with you guys.

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