I’m in love with this season’s hair trends! Let’s share with you all girls on How to Make a 90s Winter Bun. It’s really similar to the twist bun I was writing before. I can’t get enough of the buns. Nikki Jacoby helped me and I feel like this is something we have seen before. And How to Make a 90s Winter Bun? That’s right, in the 90s. So I thought it would be fun to put a modern spin on an old favorite and answer the question: How do you make a 90s winter bun?

DIY Tutorial: How to Make a 90s Winter Bun in 8 Quick Steps

How to Make a Winters Bun

It is not my best hair, but it looks pretty good in a bun. It’s like one of the best buns ever.

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Step 1: The Prep

    Let’s start with your hair. I’m not sure what I did, but I’m assuming it was to wash my hair and just put it up in a ponytail because that’s what 90s women did.
    First, you’re going to need some hair elastics. If it’s not 90s hair elastics, use whatever kind you like best. I’m just riffing on the look here.

  2. Step 2: The Braid Thingy

    Buns feel best when there are no gaps between the bun and your head. Other than those that unintentionally form while styling.
    Start by doing your typical French Braid on one side of your head. It helps keep the buns in place and is easier to hide when putting them on and taking them off.
    Then, pin the braid thing under with a bobby pin.

  3. Step 3: The Bun

    It is essential to center the bun on your head and make it as tight as possible. If you have a round head, this part can take time. Don’t worry! It’ll be worth it in the end.
    If you have any pieces sticking out, fix them in place with one or two bobby pins.

  4. Step 4: The Hair Elastics

    The real fun begins here. To keep your bun in place, you’ll need to utilize hair elastics. First, make sure that all the bun is covered in elastic bands. You don’t want any gaps. If there are any, use one more hair elastic to protect them. Try to make it look symmetrical and neat but reasonable. Once you’re finished, put a hairband over your head for support.

  5. Step 5: The Pins, the Pins, and More Pins!

    You have to be creative with your hair elastics and bobby pins here. See what you can do to keep the bun nice, tight, and secure.
    I like to take small hairpieces around the bun, twist them around my finger, roll them up into a round shape, and pin them down. It doesn’t sound straightforward, but it’s pretty easy.
    Then I put another band of elastic on top, roll that up into a bit of ball, and pin it down. Do this over and over until elastic bands cover the whole bun. If you pin your bun like this, you’ll be able to easily remove it later to adjust as necessary, even if it’s hidden under your hair elastics.

  6. Step 6: The Bobby Pins to the Rescue

    So now you’ve got all this hair wrapped around your head. What are you going to do about your hair elastics? It would be best to have a pin that will stick but not leave holes in your bun.
    You can use bobby pins, but I don’t like them that much. They’re painful for me, and I’ve already gone through about ten different brands trying to find something that works well.

  7. Step 7: The Finishing Touch

    Step seven is probably my favorite. Using a curling iron, hair straightener, or your fingers – starting from the bottom and working your way up to the top of the bun, slowly wave your hair around. It helps blend all the hair and makes it look less like a giant squishy ball.
    I like to make it look messy because that’s my thing. But you can add more pins and elastics for different looks. Make sure all you secure your hair somehow. You don’t want it to fall out.

  8. Step 8: The Removal

    This part is always a bit scary because you’re worried about leaving holes in your head. I like to take a hair tie and wrap it around one of the hair elastics, then gradually tug my hair down. I work from the bottom up until everything is off.
    My hair is now complete! It’s a nice, neat bun that looks way more professional than my usual look.
    And that, readers, is how to wear a 90s winter bun. This bun is way better than reality. I hope you liked it.

How to Make a 90s Winter Bun

Final Thoughts

90s winter bun is a look that’s easy to wear, pretty comfortable to sleep in, and still very appropriate given the circumstances. If you’re the adventurous type, I highly recommend giving this a try. It’ll look great by the fireplace or just hanging around with your friends. On a cold day, it works wonders.

FAQ’s on How to Make a Winters Bun

What is 90s Hair Elastics?

These were initially called hair elastics or hair bands. They’re little things that you put around your hair and then have it pulled or bunned and then stuck to your head with a bobby pin. It’s straightforward but very effective.

How do You Coil Twist?

To make a spiral coil in your hair, you can do a simple French Braid or use hair elastics to wrap a part of your hair around your finger. I prefer the second method because it looks more authentic and is easier to hide when putting on and taking off.

What is Coily Hair?

Coily hair is a term used to describe hair you forgot to cut for a long time. It means that the hair has grown in its natural coil shape and is not as well-behaved or easy to style as healthy hair.

I Don’t Have Curly Hair. So How do I Create Those Waves?

You can do this by either pulling your hair into a ponytail and braiding it again or by putting hair elastics around your fingers and twisting. You can also use your fingers to pull curls together.

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