What’s the reasoning behind dying armpit hair? Aren’t you tired of having to live up to societal beauty standards? Tired of feeling like you have to shave your armpits every day, it seems like? So people are dying their hair to go against the societal beauty standards of women’s body hair. In addition, I think it’s a great way to learn to love yourself along with the hair on your body. It’s also a great form of expression.

DIY Tutorial How to Dye Your Armpit Hair in 7 Quick Steps

ow To Dye Your Armpit Hair

Are you looking to dye your armpits at home? You’re in luck! We’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to do it safely and effectively. Keep reading for all the details if you want to learn How To Dye Your Armpit Hair. If you want a purple color check here.

Total Time: 15 minutes

  1. Prepare Your Space

    Before you start working with chemicals, take the time to make sure that your workspace is clean and clutter-free. The fewer surfaces you have to work around, the easier it will be for you to do the job quickly and efficiently.

  2. Put on Your Gloves

    Wear a pair of plastic or latex gloves (or both) before grabbing anything else – this will minimize your chances of staining your skin.

  3. Mix Your Developer and Dye Together

    Pour the developer into the bowl or cup, then add some hair dye. Mix it thoroughly until you have a smooth paste – if it’s too thin, try adding more paint; if it’s too thick, try adding more developer. Make sure to scrape the sides of the bowl while you’re mixing.

  4. Work With Sections of Your Hair

    Take a small, thin section of hair and wrap it around your index finger. Press down on the hair with your finger for about 10 seconds – this will allow the dye to penetrate entirely through the hair shafts, rather than just coating them. Repeat this process for each section of your armpit hair.

  5. Apply the Dye and Developer

    Unwrap a small section of hair and apply the dye and developer mixture to it (you may need to use your fingers or a cotton swab to spread it around). Wrap the dyed hair back around your finger, then cover it with a piece of aluminum foil.

  6. Wait 15-20 Minutes for the Hair Dye to Process

    Depending on how dark you want your armpit hair color to be, you’ll need to wait approximately 15-20 minutes for the hair dye to process. Make sure that the foil stays securely wrapped around your hair during this time – you don’t want it to dry out. Also, make sure that your hair dye mixture is applied evenly throughout the hair (try not to let your armpit hair stick out of the aluminum foil).

  7. Rinse Out Your Armpits With Soapy Water

    Once the 15-20 minutes are up, you can rinse out your armpit hair with soapy water. This will help remove the excess dye from the outside of your armpit hair while strengthening and moisturizing it inside.

  8. Follow Up With a Scented Body Wash or Water-Free Hair Product

    If you want, you can use a scented body wash or hair product on your armpit hair to help mask the chemical smell. If you choose to use this method, keep in mind that your body wash or water-free hair product will be sitting on top of your skin instead of soaking into it. This means that it will coat your skin and do more harm than good.

  9. Apply Petroleum Jelly to Your Skin

    If you notice any staining on the skin surrounding your armpit hair, apply some petroleum jelly to it (or baby oil). Allow it to soak in for about five minutes. Then, use a paper towel or cotton ball to blot off the excess petroleum jelly – this will remove most of the staining without adding more chemicals to your skin.

  10. Wash the Petroleum Jelly or Baby Oil Off Your Skin

    You’ll probably want to wash off the petroleum jelly after a few minutes – this will help to prevent your armpit hair from feeling too slippery, and it will stop any staining on your clothing or bed sheets that may result from prolonged contact with oil. If you choose to use baby oil, follow the same procedure as with petroleum jelly and wash it off after five minutes.

  11. Style Your Armpit Hair as Usual

    Once you’ve let your armpit hair dry, you can style it as usual. However, you may want to give your underarms a quick once-over with a blow dryer to give the hair a natural look.

  12. Get Ready for Your First Shower and Smell Test

    You’ll probably want to get ready for your first shower soon after you’ve styled your armpit hair – that way, you can wash away any potential chemical smells from the dye. Don’t be surprised if you notice discoloration on your skin – that’s just part of the process!

  13. Wash Your Armpit Hair Immediately After Your Shower

    As soon as you get out of the shower, wash your armpit hair with soap and water to remove any excess dye. This is an essential step because it will help to prevent staining or discoloration. Note: You can use a color-depositing conditioner before washing out your armpit hair if you want to keep the dye from fading.

  14. Shampoo and Condition Your Armpit Hair, as Usual

    Don’t be alarmed by any discoloration you notice on your armpit hair – this is perfectly normal! Just shampoo and condition your hair as usual, then style it.


  • ammonia-free permanent hair color.
  • a small bowl or cup for mixing the developer and hair dye
  • plastic gloves or latex gloves
  • petroleum jelly or baby oil
  • paper towels

Final Notes

If you decide to dye your armpit hair for fun, make sure that you do it safely by preparing your skin and experimenting with light dyes before staining your armpits with semi-permanent or permanent colors. Also, never dye your armpit hair if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, as there’s a chance that the chemicals in the dye could be absorbed into your bloodstream. You can find more answers about Dyed Armpits here. If you still consider removing hair from your armpits or other private parts, consider using hair removal cream for perfect results.

FAQ’s on How To Dye Your Armpit Hair

How To Dye Your Armpit Hair

Is it Safe to Dye Your Armpit Hair?

As long as you use the correct products and monitor the time while dyes are on your armpit hair, everything is OK. However, it will be sensitive after a fresh new dye job, so avoid using any pit products if possible within 24 hours. You can also call a professional salon and ask if they dye pit hair. Some salons do – they just don’t openly advertise it.

How to Bleach Your Underarms?

How to Bleach Your Underarms

Try to aim for a 20 volume developer or lower. Using 30 or 40 volumes could cause burns due to your underarm skin compared to your head. When bleaching, try to leave it on for 10 minutes or until it reaches a pale yellow. If it is still too dark, check every 3 minutes to ensure you aren’t leaving it on there too long.

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