Local women’s rights groups have asked us to refrain from using products that contain harmful chemicals, and we are pleased to oblige. That’s why we’ve created a new range of hair removal products, which do not contain parabens or other preservatives and are entirely free from animal testing. If you want to remain personally hair-free, we also have another range of products for you.

Chemical Free Products For Your Pits

As well as being environmentally friendly, these new products are highly effective. They smell lovely, and companies make them from the finest ingredients, which will leave your skin soft and smooth for weeks on end. At How To Hair Girl, we believe that beauty should not cost the Earth, so most of our ranges manufacturers produce from recycled plastics, organic cotton, or sustainable wood.

Free Your Pits Formula

 The first product in the range uses a moisturizing formula based on the ancient art of waxing. We call the product “Free Your Pits.” It is strong enough to remove even the most stubborn hair and gentle enough for everyday use. Our unique blend includes nourishing ingredients like aloe vera and honey, known for their soothing properties.

In particular, the beauty industry is trying to change its image. Dumping the more corrosive chemicals was a big first step, but all of that changed when the Pits Manifesto landed on their desks. Since then, it has been a race to see who can develop the most natural, free pits hair care products. They call it Free Your Pits, and they are trying to spread this message far and wide through their multi-media mini-campaigns.

Stop using chemicals on your armpits

Stop Dumping Harmful Chemicals On Your Body

The idea is simple: stop dumping harmful chemicals on your body. It just doesn’t make sense anymore, especially not when there are safe alternatives out there that deliver the same results. The emphasis here is on looking natural and not going through a traumatic experience every time you get your hair styled.

Of course, the Pits Manifesto was just the starting point. What came after have been even more impressive campaigns focusing on educating people about why they should minimize the chemicals they put on their bodies. For example, some of these brands have created videos showing how harmful hair care products can be when used regularly. It is all about laying bare the truth and letting it speak for itself. Other brands encourage people to try out their product for a week before making their minds up about it.

Final Thoughts

The Pits Manifesto has been so successful that it has sparked many free-pits campaigns. That nearly all of these campaigns take a positive approach is further proof that an empowering message is just as important as a negative one. You can tell the difference between these two types of campaigns when looking at the facts and figures. The positive perspective is not going to prolong your misery. Instead, it will show you why you should make a change if you have spent years dumping chemicals on your body.

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