Wearing foraged flowers on natural hair represents beauty. Again, flowers have a heavenly fragrance and make your hair smell good. However, it can be tricky, especially if you don’t know the right tips to follow to achieve a floral look. It would be best if you had enough flowers ready before you start styling your hair to attain floral looks.

6 Tips on Afro Flower Styling

Decorating natural hair with flowers such as jasmine gives you a new and attractive look. Styling is easy, but it requires a little bit of creativity. Here are floral afro styling tips for a perfect natural look for straight or curly hair. This YouTube tutorial helps you choose the right flowers and use them to style your afro hair.

  1.  Clean and dry your hair: Before anything, you should ensure to clean your hair at least two or three days before styling. Also, add the necessary hair products before the floral afro style.
  2.  Consider the floral side: You need to place the flower depending on the side you’ll stand on the altar. Again, it helps the photographer to caption your beautiful hair look.
  3.  Consider a wide-toothed comb: A big comb helps you achieve a rough and natural look around the hair edges. This roughness brings out the natural beauty you intend to achieve.
  4.  Add more flowers: You should add more flowers and hold them in place using bobby pins. However, ensure to hide these pins to avoid showing on the hair.
  5.  Add more flowers to add beauty: Continue adding flowers, including smaller flowers. Then, pin the bigger flowers using bobby pins to prevent them from falling. That’s why kinky or curly hair looks so beautiful when styled with flowers.
  6.  Shake your head: This helps ensure that the pins have held the flowers in place to prevent them from falling on your big day. You can add extra pins to the flowers that appear unstable on the hair.

Tips on Styling a Floral Mohawk

A floral hawk is another familiar and beautiful look to style hair using foraged flowers. However, it can be tricky, especially if it’s your first time. Here are a few tips for styling a floral mohawk:

  • Add extra hair product: Before styling, you need to add vital hair products to achieve a beautiful look.
  •  Brush your hair: Brush your hair tightly to fall on the crown’s side. Then, pin the hair lying along the side of the crown. However, it would be best to use crisscrossed bobby pins to bring out the mohawk style.
  •  Pin the flowers: Pick the flowers of different colors on both sides of the hawk. However, ensure to pin them starting in the front towards the back. You can also add ferns if you like.

If you prefer a vintage look, go for the asymmetrical rolled look. It looks best on long and curly hair. For outstanding results, follow these tips:

  • Twist the heavy side of your hair while adding more hair towards the back. Then, use bobby pins to hold the twisted hair behind your ear.
  • Repeat the same style on the other side with less hair going to the opposite side. Then, pin this hair using bobby pins. 
  • Place flowers until you achieve the desired look. This brings out the vintage look you never expected.

Tips on Foraging Flowers

Early Blooms

Flowers come in different colors and textures. Hence, never settle for only one color. Whether DIY or not, you should harvest your blooming flowers. Though foraging flowers may seem tricky, it’s easier than you ever imagined. That said, here are a few flower foraging tips:

  • Dress Well and Carry Your Tools
    Sometimes, weeds grow in the same length as flowers. Therefore, it can be intimidating to cut the flowers that you desire. That’s why you need to wear long-sleeved pants, long pants, and shoes to protect your skin and prevent allergies. Ensure to use a sharp pair of floral scissors to cut the foraging and place them in the basket.
  • Choose the Early Blooms
    Branches full of bloom may attract your eyes and tempt you to cut these flowers. However, that isn’t the best choice because you could affect the lifespan of your flowers. So instead, the best option is flowering with only two or a few blooms left to go. This way, the flowers will produce more flourishing flowers later.
  • Wipe Excess Dirt
    Foraging branches and leaves may contain dirt and dust. Therefore, you need to clean the flowers’ stems to look fresh. Then, recut the blooms and arrange them ready to use. This way, you are ready almost prepared to use the flowers.
  • Put Flowers in the Water
    It would help place the flowers in a vase with clean water immediately after wiping the excess dirt. This allows the foraging to remain fresh and prevents them from wilting. Then, when ready, you can pick the flowers to begin styling your hair.


A floral afro look makes you look beautiful despite the texture and size of your hair. Whether you like it vintage or not, be assured that this style makes you stand out on your wedding day. The afro floral look is always unique and never gets old. Therefore, you can make it your style every time you attend a wedding.

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