Waterfalls are a classic hairstyle with countless variations. One of the most popular is the waterfall braid, and This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to make waterfall braid with Curls. You can even do a simple-looking braid and make it look like you spent hours on your hair, finishing with a cute hairstyle such as a waterfall braid. A waterfall braid is an updo hairstyle that uses several braids to create an artistic design. This style works for all textures, shapes, and sizes. It’s a hairstyle to try this winter season. Here’s how to make waterfall braid with curls!

DIY Tutorial How To Make Waterfall Braid for Curly Hair

 Here’s how to make a waterfall braid:

how to make waterfall braid final result

Before, wash your curls carefully. We suggest using shampoo from our detailed list.

Total Time: 7 minutes

  1. Step #1. Section the hair

    step 1 Waterfall Braid make 4 sections

    Start same as with French Braid. Make sure that you section your hair up into four parts. Start from the top of your head by sectioning off four equal parts. Be sure to leave out any hair which is above these sections. The first part will be on your crown, while the rest of the sections will be in equal parts, starting from behind each ear.

  2. Step #2. Start braiding

    start braiding

    Take the first section of hair, and make a braid out of it.

  3. Step #3. Add in another section

    add new section

    Add another section of hair, and continue braiding. This is your first waterfall braid. Continue adding in more hair until you’ve braided the entire head of hair.

  4. Step #4. Repeat on remaining sections of hair

    Repeat this process for the other three sections of hair, creating three more braids, each time adding in a new section of hair to the original braid. When you’re done, tie off the braids with bobby pins.


  • 1. A teasing comb or hairbrush
  • 2. Hairspray
  • 3. Bobby pins

How to Make a Unique Style?

You can always add in some personality with your braid by creating it. Keep it simple with three or four sections if you like the classic look. You can braid a small section at a time or smaller sections if you have thin hair. If you want to make this style more unique, try adding curls or a texturized look to the braid using styling cream or gel for extra hold and lift. This style is often favored if one wants something a little more discreet.

This hairstyle is also perfect for thin to medium-fine hair because it adds volume. According to Liliya Kay, you can also braid your hair and make it more voluminous. Vary the size of the braids as you go in.

To get more insight into creating a waterfall braid, visit:


Expert Tips on Waterfall Braids with Curls

 Here are some tips from those who have used the waterfall braid before:

  1. Try braiding your hair in the bathtub or shower to make it start drying out a bit. This will make it easier to work with.
  2. Put your hair up in a bun before you start braiding! This will give it some structure, and you’ll be able to find the braids easily.
  3. Try twisting the braids once they’re done instead of just tying them off. This will give it more of a curl and make it look elegant.
  4. Don’t overuse hairspray! Too much will weigh down your hair, and you’ll end up hating the waterfall braid that you are trying to love.


 If you have not tried this style before, don’t be worried about its difficulty. You need to follow all the steps carefully and patiently. You will love the results and may even want to go for a second waterfall braid as you learn how to make it. With a bit of practice, now is the time to get acquainted with this timeless hairstyle.

waterfall braid with curly hair Cindy Lauper style

FAQs On How to Make Waterfall Braid with Curls

What Is A Waterfall Braid?

A waterfall braid hairstyle is one where the hair is gathered and then braided together for a soft, curly, and romantic look. It is created by looping the hair up into a braid and then twisting the braid around itself as one continues to braid.

What Type of Hair Should I Use for Waterfall Braid?

You can use any hair texture that is easy to manage and maintain, as long as it isn’t too thick. Besides, be sure to wet your hair first, and don’t do this the night before. Also, remember: a braid will only look good if you appropriately scrunched your hair. Finally, your hair will be frizzy and unmanageable if it is too wet. Of course, this doesn’t apply to those with curly hair.

How Many Strands of Hair Does Waterfall Hairstyle Use?

Pretty much any amount of strands you want! Some people use two or three for the entire braid, while others use none! Moreover, some people make a lot of strands, which is one of the most exciting effects you can get with this look. If you want to create a more fancy look, consider making one or two smaller strands than the average.

How Long is Waterfall Hairstyle?

It takes quite a while to pull it off consistently, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

What Are the Steps of Waterfall Hairstyle?

First, don’t comb your hair after you have finished braiding. Secondly, the hair will be naturally bunched up, making it look more impressive and sophisticated. Finally, the steps are straightforward: section your hair, braid the sections together and tie it off with an elastic. So if you’re looking for a complicated hairstyle that is quite simple, this is a great option to go with.

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