Kale salad has a vast range of health benefits. Thus, it would be best to consider adding them to your routine for improved health. Provided you love veggies, then you have tried this salad before. However, that is no proof that you know how to make them. Here is the six-step guide on how to make a kale salad.

How To Do Kale Salad in 5 Easy Steps

Kale Salad

Kale is a versatile vegetable that You can consume in many ways. If you prefer a crunchy texture, you can add it to your sandwiches or pasta. You can obtain a softer consistency by adding it to smoothies and soups.
In the case of the kale salad, you should enjoy it immediately after preparing it. However, you can also store the individual ingredients separately in your fridge for up to two days. To do this, separate the dressing from the leaves and store them in airtight containers.

  1. Step #1. Choose the Right Type of Kale

    To make kale salad, start by choosing the right type of Kale. There are three types of kales available for purchase. The curly leaf variety is what you traditionally see in stores. They have dark green leaves that are curly at the edges and stems that are easy to separate from the leaves.
    The Red Russian variety has the same features as the curly leaf one. However, the red Russian Kale has curly leaves and smooth edges. They also have a more refreshing taste than other types of kales. You can use either type to make your salad depending on your preference.

  2. Step #2. Wash and Cut Your Kale Leaves Correctly

    To get rid of germs and dirt from your kale leaves, you should wash them first. Fill water in a clean bowl. Gently massage the leaves using your hands for 30 seconds. Ensure all dirt is removed from the leaves before removing them from the water.
    Use kitchen scissors to slice the leaves into smaller pieces that are easy to eat. To do this, you can run the leaves through a salad spinner. Alternatively, you can tear the leaves into smaller pieces. If you prefer your Kale to be crunchy, keep your cut pieces big. On the other hand, make them smaller if you like softer.

  3. Step #3. Select Ingredients for the Best Flavor

    Different ingredients are used to make different types of kale salad. For instance, you need mayonnaise or yogurt to make a creamy dressing. You can also use pureed silken tofu for this purpose.
    For the best flavor, choose one of the following ingredients: avocado, dried fruit such as cranberries or raisins, nuts such as walnuts, almonds or cashews, fresh herbs such as parsley, basil, or cilantro.
    Use the right proportions of the ingredients to get the flavor you desire.

  4. Step #3. Prepare Your Salad Dressing

    After cutting your kale leaves and selecting your ingredients, you need to prepare your salad dressing. You can use a food processor or a blender for this purpose. Alternatively, you can mix all of them in a bowl by hand. Whichever method you choose, make sure all ingredients are well-blended. If you do not have a blender or a food processor, prepare your salad dressing by hand to ensure no chunks of nuts or fruit are in the mix.
    Add some honey to the mixture to get a creamy, sweet taste from your kale salad. Please leave it to chill for at least two hours before adding your dressing to the cut kale leaves. This will give the flavors a chance to sink in and make your salad tasty.

  5. Step #4. Prep the leaves to make the salad dressing stick

    Coat your leaves with dressing immediately before serving when making a kale salad. You can also leave it in the fridge for up to two hours. First, however, allow the dressing to soak into the leaves for maximum flavor by preparing your leaves as follows:
    Separate all the leaves – use kitchen scissors.
    Run them through a salad spinner – to get rid of the excess water
    Place them in a bowl – use kitchen tongs or gloved hands to mix the Kale with dressing.

  6. Step #5. Massage Your Kale Leaves

    To get the perfect flavor from your kale salad:
    Use kitchen tongs to massage the leaves as you tear them into smaller pieces.
    Ensure all dressing is on the leaves instead of coating your hands or sticking to your bowl.
    If using gloves, ensure they are clean and dry before handling any ingredients for this salad.
    After preparing your kale leaves with the dressing, you can add extra toppings for an even more delicious salad. These include healthy ingredients such as chopped red peppers, tomatoes, or avocados. You can also use dried fruit that complements your flavor to give it a fruity taste.

How to Use Kale Salad for Hair?

The organically grown kale salad has been known since the ’40s for its high content of vitamins and minerals. It can be consumed fresh or in a juicer. You can use it to make a natural juice that will stimulate the metabolism and invigorate your skin and hair.

The healthy benefits of raw organic Kale for hair growth are many, so you should use kale salad if you have dry, brittle, or weak hair problems.

For Kale, organic kale salad to have the desired effect, you should wash it well and then let it soak in water with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar for an hour, as this will remove wax from the leaves.

After that, drain the water and place them to dry on a plate.

Once dry, take the kale salad and place it in the blender, adding two handfuls of water to make a green juice. Filter it through gauze or cheesecloth to remove all the pulp (or skip this step if you like thicker juice).

You can consume it immediately or store it in an airtight container in the fridge.

Closing Thoughts

Preparing your kale salad is easy and requires only the right ingredients. First, ensure you soak your leaves in dressing for maximum flavor by following the steps above. You can find all the ingredients at your local supermarket or health food store. Alternatively, you can buy pre-prepared packs of fresh salad leaves, including Kale, among other varieties.

Kale salads are also ideal for vegetarians and vegans. We can consume them daily to get essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your body needs. First, ensure you wash all salad ingredients before use to avoid getting ill from any bacteria. Then, prepare yourself a delicious kale salad within minutes by following the steps above.

FAQs On Kale Salad for Hair

Can You Eat Raw Kale in Salads?

Can You Eat Raw Kale in Salads

Kale salad is a healthy and highly nutritious food that you can eat raw.

Can I Use Kale for Hair Growth?

Can I Use Kale for Hair Growth

You can use Kale extract as a strengthener, hydrator, and detoxifier that you can use to enhance your hair health. Thus, the answer is a resounding yes.

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