How difficult can it be to do your ponytail haircut successfully? I am pretty sure many professionals have discouraged doing a DIY haircut. They most likely prevent it because they don’t want to lose their customers. Also, there is a myth that you will end up going to the salon even after trying to cut the hair yourself for making a mess.

However, I know that the process will be smooth and easy with the correct DIY ponytail cutting tools and guidelines. You will save on time and costs yet have a beautiful look using the DIY effective ponytail haircut techniques. This article will help you improve your hair cutting techniques.

The Best Ponytail Hairstyle Cuts to Give Yourself At Home

Now that you know what to do and not to do when doing your haircut and how to select the best haircut for your face shape, it’s time to choose the best haircut. Although you can DIY, it is advisable to have a loved one cut off your hair instead of doing it yourself. Here are detailed types of haircuts you can try out that can work best for you.

The Lob Hairstyle

Lob Hairstyle

The lob hairstyle is the flattering haircut style that fits most face shapes. It can also suit people with curly, straight, and wavy hair. However, this haircut style is best executed with someone else to help with it. You can keep the style simple by sectioning the hair into two parts. However, don’t expect perfection in it.

If you have curly hair, it will help straighten your hair using a blow-dry comb. Then, the easiest and less complicated lob is the straight lob. But, again, you can also consider doing a line lob. Moreover, you don’t have to stress that the lob haircut style gets messy since you can fix the mistakes later. First, however, ensure that you have styled it perfectly for an excellent look.

Heart-shaped Afro Haircut

Heart Shaped Afro Ponytail

The heart-shaped afro style is the easiest to do yourself. Use clippers or scissors to create your first guidelines. Ensure that the policies are above your shoulder, right at the hairline, or at the nape of your neck. Also, ensure that the front matches the sides and snip the hair to your desired length.

The Pixie Hairstyle

The pixie is an iconic hairstyle that eliminates most of your hair by putting your face at the center stage. Instead of sharp scissors, you can use a feather razor or a clipper to do this haircut style. This haircut style is excellent for those people transitioning to natural hair.

The Curtain Haircut

The curtain is best for people with wavy and straight hair. It is called the curtain because of its fuzzy, sexy, and unique appeal. Also, it is made great by creating framing bangs to form a new look without entirely cutting your hair. This style depends on the bang you want to develop and the side you wish to fall.

The Deep Parallel Point Haircut

The Deep Parallel Point Cut

Point cutting is best for straight and wavy hair. The key to this style is creating internal layers without messing with the hair’s back and baseline. Also, you can use a comb and a pair of scissors for perfection.

Interesting DIY Ponytail Haircut Techniques to Try Out

Interesting DIY Ponytail Haircut Techniques to Try Out

Trying to cut your hair yourself may seem tricky. However, you’ll see how easy and effective these techniques maybe with a few ideas. But first, you need to know a few things before starting cutting the hair. This way, you can achieve the desired results and avoid frustration.

Exciting Facts to Know Before Cutting Your Hair

It would be a shame to start executing a haircut without enough preparation. There are dos and don’ts to consider before cutting your hair. These considerations will help avoid making a mess out of your hair ending up doing shoddy work. Here are some of the concerns to put in mind before starting cutting the hair:

  • Ask yourself if cutting the hair is necessary or other effective alternatives apart from cutting the hair.
  • If you still want to cut the hair, have the suitable hair cutting tools ready. These may include shears, clippers, razors, clips, and combs. Avoid using kitchen or school scissors. 
  • Always start with dry and clean hair for effective results.
  • It would be best to start with minor or small haircuts to avoid the risk of mishaps. 
  • Pay attention to the direction of scissors and the hair. 
  • You can help if you relax and be extra careful with bangs.

How To Choose A Haircut Style That Suits Your Face?

Most people have varying facial features, sizes, and shapes. Notably, face shapes include long, oval, heart-shaped, round, square, and diamond. It can be unclear when experts say you need a particular hairstyle to suit your face when you don’t know its shape. You can tell the shape of your face by looking at the mirror or measuring the face in a specific direction. Here are tips for choosing the best haircut that suits your face:

  • Highlighting the best features of your face
  • Select the one that makes you feel the best
  • Don’t get discouraged by certain hairstyles
  • Choose a universally flattering haircut
  • Carefully select the bangs
  • Short cropped hair suits all face shapes


When you don’t have time to go to the salon, or the salons are overbooked, and you need a haircut, you can consistently execute the haircut style yourself. You only need to have the necessary tools and some guidelines for perfection. This article will guide you through the DIY ponytail methods. So, for the best results, get relaxed and believe that you can make a massive difference with your hair today by following the above guidelines.

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