You might have come across a lady with voluminous hair in your Instagram feed or on the streets. There are high chances that the hair fascinated you but envied it since your hair is not voluminous. Individuals whose hair is naturally fine and thin usually desire to make their hair look thicker and more vibrant. However, beautiful hair comes with patience and good genes. Luckily, there are hair extensions that serve to help us attain our dream hair. In addition, we can use these extensions to change the appearance of our hair to locks or thicker hair. In light of this, let us find the five best hair extensions for thin hair that we have listed below. 

People with thin hair should pick the appropriate type of extensions for their hair. When you get your hair extensions wrong, you might worsen the situation, leading to hair loss and baldness. However, you can avoid such occurrences if you follow these recommendations through our list. Also, apart from picking the right extensions, we need to wear them correctly. 

Benefits of Using Hair Extensions For Fine Hair

First, let us explore how hair extensions remedy thin hair before checking out the best hair extensions for thin hair. Here we offer comprehensive answers as well as suggestions when picking hair extensions. 

What are some of the techniques you have used to solve thin hair? Did you use hair ointment to boost hair growth, transplant hair, or buy a wig instead? Most of the time, we use the ideal hair care solutions. Not only is the process complicated but also uncertain since no one can guarantee the results. On the other hand, a hair transplant costs a lot compared to other solutions. One pays only once for hair extensions and enjoys instant results that last long. 

 Here are some of the comforts of using the best extensions for fine hair:

  • They are affordable: you only purchase hair extensions once and use them for the long term. Even if you buy these hair extensions from a reputable dealer, the cost will still be cheap. Moreover, these hair extensions are durable for five years and can last up to 6 years in some cases.
  • Instant results: Hair instantly changes from being thin to fabulous thick hair once you wear these hair extensions. Unlike hair products which require some time to see results, these results are immediate.
  • They look natural: Hair extensions do not give you a cosmetic but rather a natural look. You don’t have to worry about extensions not sticking to your hair with these hair extensions. They are incredibly compatible with your hair that everyone will think they are your natural hair.
  • They let you explore different hairstyles: We love trying out various hairstyles but can’t due to short hair or dread destroying our hair. Hair extensions don’t just offer us multiple options to choose from; they also remove the waiting time for hair to grow. You get to express yourself using the many hairstyles afforded by these extensions. 

What to Check When Choosing Hair Extensions For Thin Hair?

The several tried and tested guidelines when choosing a suitable hair extension often complicate this process. According to Forbes, hair extensions are created differently, and there has been a surge of fake hair products. However, the process becomes easier when we follow these tips:

  • Make sure your hair blends with the extensions: Check for the compatibility of the hair extension with your hair in terms of color, feel, and size. For instance, blond hair would be compatible with blond extensions. Choosing hair extensions with the same texture ensures that both go well together. Hair extensions should be the same length as hair since they are plaited together with real hair when thickening hair.
  • Check for legit brands for hair extensions: One way to buy legit hair extensions is by buying from reputable store outlets. Hair extensions of low quality are undesirable since they often last for a short period.
  • Consider how hair extensions are attached to hair: Thin hair is often weak, so the method used to attach hair is vital. Wrong methods exert massive pressure on the scalp, which impedes hair growth.
  • Pick the lightest option: The best extensions for fine hair should feel light to prevent extensions from falling off and tagging onto your hair. 
  • Pick options that cause little harm: The best extensions for fine hair are those that cause minor damage when worn and removed. Opt for hair extensions that use safe methods to apply and remove to safeguard your hair.

Top 5 Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Factors such as our hair and the intended style determine our choice of the best extensions for thin hair. According to New York Times, African-American women with thin hair will have hair breakages if they use hair extensions. Here we look into details of various types of hair extensions. 

#1. Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip In Hair Extensions
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  • Change your hair from thin to voluminous using our affordable clip-in hair extensions fast to attach. Besides being cheap, our products are durable and can last for three months with proper care. Moreover, our natural Remy human hair extensions are soft to give you a feeling similar to natural hair. Wear our comfortable clip-in hair extensions to any occasion and enjoy the immense newfound confidence. 
  • Be fashionable with our hair extensions with two removable clips and a pair of eyelashes. We blend various colors such as chocolate brown and honey blonde to give a natural look that matches your hair. However, we do not limit your sense of style and should be free to try new techniques. For example, you can dye them to suit your hair color and look natural. Moreover, their uniform texture adds to your natural feel and appearance.
  • To put clip-in hair extensions, separate your hair from one lower part of one ear to the other. Next, pick a clip of suitable width. Proceed to open the pins attached to the weft. Separate new strands of hair. Finally, repeat the above steps until your cover all the hair. 
  • #2. Tape-In Hair Extensions

    Tape-In Hair Extensions
    Editor’s Rating: 4,5
  • Enjoy our durable tape-in hair extensions that last up to three months with proper care. Our extensions are high-quality and are complete Remi human hair and feel soft like natural hair. Thick your hair with our hair extensions with a uniformly thick hair texture.
  • Look stylish with our colorful extensions that come with a pair of eyelashes. We combine chocolate brown with caramel blonde to give a natural color that suits you and matches your hair color. Also, you can style by dying, curling, and strengthening to your preference. 
  • These extensions are suitable for thin hair because the wefts are light at 50 grams per twenty pieces. To use these extensions, place two extensions on both sides of a strand of hair. However, people with thin hair should use one-sided tape-in extensions to enjoy a lighter feel. Fortunately, you can apply these extensions independent of heat or other products. Despite tape-in extensions being effective for thin hair, the long-term use of adhesives may stress hair strands. 
  • Ensure your hair is clean before wearing these extensions. Next, proceed to spread your hair. Then tear the cover to expose the tape. Next, attach the extension on both sides of the hair. Finally, heat 5-6 times. 
  • #3. Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

    Hand-Tied Hair Extensions
  • Care for your hair and scalp with hand-tied hair extensions. Our hair wefts are of various sizes, such as 12 inches, 14-16 inches, and 18-22 inches. The standard width of our weaves is 120-150 cm, and mostly one pack fits one head. Enjoy the quality and long-lasting benefits of our wefts made from natural human hair. Then, style your hair to your preference using our customized hair wefts. 
  • Comfortably switch styles without damaging your hair. This safety stems from our extremely thin wefts suitable for thin hair. A hairstylist hand-ties these extensions onto natural hair strands using tiny silicone beads. This method ensures that the weft is flat and has no unnecessary bumps. 
  • Hand-sewing the wefts ensures that the weft will be thinner but stronger than other methods used to attach these wefts. Our wefts appear real and flexible, and their proximity to the scalp makes them feel less bulky. Their flexibility allows you to style to suit your occasion and preference. Therefore, they feel natural hair when worn and are realistic when touched. 
  • #4. Micro-Link Hair Extensions

     Micro-Link Hair Extensions
  • Our micro-link hair extensions are made from synthesized genuine premium human hair that looks natural. Apart from being realistic, our products don’t tangle, shed, or have split ends. Therefore, your hair perfectly blends with these extensions to appear natural. 
  • Enhance your beauty to look stunning to your liking with our custom hair colors and sizes. All sizes of the extensions have the same weight. You can use 1 to 2 packs to highlight the change, 2 to 3 packs for voluminous hair, and 3 to 5 packs to cover the whole head. 
  • To apply micro hair, first, draw the hair into the loop. Then, proceed to close the loop. Next, move the ring towards the head. Finally, use pliers to flatten the micro rings. Watch this video for a visual explanation and a more detailed tutorial.
  • #5. Quad Wefts

    Quad Wefts
  • Thicken and elongate hair easily using quad wefts. Our quad wefts are suitable for thickening hair as they are easy to apply. You may require more than one pack to fit one head. However, our quad wefts have five clips of hair firmly attached to the thick weft, thus having hair equal to a complete headset. The quad wefts are flexible, allowing you to use heat or not to style to your taste. 
  • Glow with our soft, silky, and smooth weft hair extensions. You can choose from various hairstyles such as ponytails, braids, or curls to look glamorous when styling. They also accommodate different dyes such as blonde, pink, and burgundy to suit your fashion fantasies. Watch this video to learn how to apply these hair extensions for very fine thin hair. 
  • How to Care For Hair Extensions

    Different hair extensions brands have different after-use routines. Therefore, it is best to check the guidelines when buying these products. However, there are some general practices for looking after hair extensions. Here are some of the practices.

    • Clean extensions correctly: Check the shampoo that your hair extension recommends. Various hair extension types have different specifications that aim at keeping the bond strong. Avoid shampoos with sulfates and alcohol as they remove the natural oil in your hair. Wash the hair in the shower with running water. As you wash, pour shampoo at the base to eradicate excess oil and some conditioner at the ends to nourish them.
    • Dry extensions before sleeping: Never sleep with damp hair because wet hair tends to be weak, and tossing during sleep might break natural hair and hair extensions. You might also wake up with bedheads that require effort to detangle and might exert pressure on the scalp. Therefore, it is best to buy a hairdryer to care for your hair.
    • Treat your hair weekly: Condition your hair to moisturize it, keep it smooth, and retain the beautiful glow. Apply the condition near the roots to condition your extension deeply. You can use natural conditioners such as coconut oils and macadamia oil since they effectively hydrate your hair.
    • Be gentle when brushing extensions: Strands of hair are bound to come out if you brush the extensions without care. Also, use a good quality brush to detangle knots. Brush the hair starting with the lower ends before proceeding upwards to avoid straining your hair and scalp.

    Should I Choose Synthetic or Human Extensions?

    According to secret, human extensions are better than synthetic extensions. However, people look at several factors such as the cost, expected results, and the method used to put the extensions. For example, synthetic hair might feel stiff and appear unnatural. On the other hand, human extension easily blends with natural hair and is easy to dye to your hair color. 

    Also, consider the care afforded to both extensions. As mentioned earlier, human extensions require extensive care given to human hair. Synthetic extensions should not be subjected to heat from dryers and are limited to one style.

    However, synthetic hair extensions cost less compared to human hair extensions. They cost cheap because they are synthesized from artificial fibers. Moreover, they aren’t affected by the weather and guarantee you the same glow throughout. 

    How Often Do You Replace Old Extensions? 

    The duration after which you should replace extensions depends on the type of hair extension that you’ve worn. Check out for signs such as dryness, frizziness, split ends, and matting that signal need for a new extension. The lifespan of an extension also depends on the amount of care and the hair quality.
    You should replace tape in hair extensions after 4-8 weeks of use. They have the shortest lifespan of all extensions because they are intended to serve temporarily. After some time, the adhesive tape loses its ability to stick onto real hair. Therefore, you need to buy new tape-in hair extensions.
    Weft hair extensions last for about 3-4 months. These extensions have a longer lifespan because they are permanent extensions that need sewing. Once the period is over, you need to replace them with new ones and shampoo your hair.

    FAQ’s on Top 5 Best Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

    How Do You Camouflage Extensions With Natural Hair?

    According to Additional Lengths, you camouflage extensions in thin hair by picking a color that resembles your hair. However, you might have trouble picking the right color for hair extensions online due to screen color hue and contrast. Pay attention to whether your hair is warm or cold toned or has diverse shades in the form of highlights. 
    The present state of your hair determines the color of the hair extension you should pick. For instance, if you are a platinum blonde, it would be better to pick platinum blonde shades instead of a warm strawberry blonde. People who dye their hair can have extensions that blend with their color if they buy Remi human hair extensions. You can dye these extensions to obtain the same shade as your real hair. Furthermore, you get to try out the different colors and hues. 
    The following important stage is applying the extensions such that they blend with your hair. Your hairstylist should carefully place the extensions to feel similar to the texture of your hair. Afterward, they can proceed to cut the extensions to your hair’s size and dye it to look natural.

    Are There Extensions That are Compatible With Balayage?

    Some brands have balayage-colored hair extensions. Most of us have always dreamt of wearing extensions but didn’t since few colors match the balayage color of our hair. Fortunately, brands such as Xydis and Googoo have ensured that people with multiple hair tones can look natural with extensions. Balayage extensions consist of dark and light-colored extensions.
    Some people are now interested in trying balayage extensions or wanting to dye their hair to balayage completely. However, take caution since the results from salon visits might not be as per your expectations. The varying results stem from brands’ processes that give this color not accommodating your color.

    Are Extensions Bad For Fine Hair?

    According to Nioxin, hair extensions cause tension to the scalp since it tugs onto the hair where it is fixed. Stress further leads to alopecia which causes hair loss when one exerts constant pressure on the roots of the hair. Consider tape-in hair extensions or hand-tied extensions as they don’t cause stress to fine hair. 
    Extensions can also be bad or good, depending on our hairstyle. The best hairstyle should be compatible with the texture and type of our hair. Avoid hairstyles that use a lot of pins to support the hair as they cause tremendous hair loss. Moreover, you might damage your scalp and follicles if you consult an inexperienced stylist. It would be best to have a professional fix your hair to avoid getting it wrong. 
    According to dermatologic clinics, methods such as heating used in applying extensions are destructive and cause disorders of hair follicles. Additionally, applying permanent dye causes reactions in the hair shaft that damage the hair follicles. Therefore, dermatologists advise against carrying out more than one chemical process, such as dye and relaxer, at the same time. Also, do not apply heat onto dyed extensions to prevent damaging the hair shaft.
    Often, we carry out hair care routines that cause traction alopecia without our knowledge. For example, we might pull the hair such that the scalp raises, a condition known as tenting. Tenting is one of the clear signs that we should stop exerting this force on the scalp.

    Who Shouldn’t Wear Hair Extensions?

    According to John Hopkins, African-American women should refrain from wearing extensions. Findings from a recent study revealed that black women constitute a third of women with traction alopecia. In addition, traction alopecia is the leading hair loss condition in black women and results from wearing tight extensions. 
    NCBI states that persons of African descent also have a distinct hair structure from the rest. Unlike Caucasians or Asians, who have a perfectly circular transverse section, Africans have an elliptical transverse section on the hair follicle. Additionally, their hair follicle is bent at the entry to the dermis while their follicular bulb is curved. These variations cause weak points that make their hair susceptible to trauma, breakage when combing, and traction alopecia.


    When shopping for hair extensions, consider our recommendations above and check what to consider to avoid going wrong. Keep in mind that some hair extensions won’t be suitable for you. Tape in hair extensions is the best for people with thin and fine hair since they lie close to the scalp and blend well with thin hair. Furthermore, the wefts are placed between natural hair and are quick to install and remove. Feel free to consult a dermatologist on the type of hair extension to wear and step out looking fabulous.

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