Dreadlocks are one of the trendiest hairstyles in the world. However, keeping dreads looking good requires special care. You need to use the right type of shampoo to keep your dreads healthy and clean. There are a variety of shampoos on the market today. However, you need to choose only the best shampoo for dreadlocks. 

A good shampoo will clean the dreads while strengthening them. The shampoo should be sulfate-free and contain natural ingredients. It should also contain apple cider vinegar, which is a natural clarifying agent. 

Another important feature of shampoo is that it should leave no residue. Matted hair absorbs oils and fragrances more easily. This can result in messy styles. 

A good shampoo for locs will improve the texture and appearance of the strands and also adds shine. The best shampoo for dreads will also work to reduce itchiness. 

If you are looking for a good shampoo to keep your dreads clean, continue reading. In this article, we are going to discuss the 10 best shampoos for dreadlocks in 2022. 

What Are Shampoos for Dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks are pretty different and challenging from all the other hairstyles. In order to maintain this hairstyle, you need a special type of shampoo. A shampoo for dreads is specially designed to cleanse and strengthen locs without causing any damage. 

According to Locsanity.com, choosing a good dreadlock shampoo is important if you want to keep your dreads healthy. Dreads can develop a thin layer of oil, and you should look for a dreadlock shampoo that will eliminate that buildup. There are many dreadlock shampoos on the market today, but it is important to choose one that is safe for your hair and scalp.

One of the first things to look for in a dreadlock shampoo is whether it is sulfate-free. If your dreads are colored or dry, you will want to look for a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates are not all harmful, but they can build up and cause irritation to your scalp.

There are many shampoos on the market that claim to be sulfate-free, but you should always read the ingredients list to ensure that it is a sulfate-free product. You can also look for a shampoo that is made with natural ingredients. Some dreadlock shampoos are made with natural oils, which can help reduce dandruff and itching.

Benefits of Shampoos for Dreadlocks

  • Using the best dreadlocks shampoo can be a great way to moisturize your locks, promote healthy hair growth, and keep your dreads looking clean and healthy. There are several different products on the market that are specifically formulated for dreads. 
  • According to Lion Locs, you should look for shampoos that are residue free and contain no chemicals. These products are also better for the environment. These are usually made from organic ingredients.
  • Some of these products contain ingredients like tea tree oil, which can be used for dandruff and hair loss. This oil is also pH balanced, which makes it a great cleanser for dreadlocks.
  • There are also dreadlocks shampoos with essential oils, which are a great way to get rid of dirt, oils, and buildup. They are also mild cleansers. An apple cider vinegar rinse is also a good choice for dreadlocks. Apple cider vinegar can help you maintain a healthy pH balance in your hair and scalp.

What Should I Wash My Locs With?

If you have dreadlocks, you must know what to wash your locs with. This will help you keep your locs looking clean and healthy. If you are not careful, you may damage your locs. Luckily, there are ways to make washing your locks easy and enjoyable. Check out this YouTube video to learn how to wash your locs. 

First, you avoid simply washing your locs with water. You should always use a shampoo that is gentle. This will help you avoid scrubbing your locs too vigorously. It will also avoid residue. 

According to InStyle, another option is to use apple cider vinegar or baking soda rinses. These rinses will help to cleanse your locs and reduce dandruff. They also balance the pH levels of your scalp. 

In hot weather, your locs can get sweaty. This can lead to a number of problems. You may also feel irritated and experience itching. If your locs start to get dirty, you can use a clarifying shampoo to remove buildup.

How to Choose the Best Shampoo for Locks?

Choosing the best shampoo for locs is important if you want to enjoy healthy hair and keep it moisturized and free from breakage. There are several factors you should consider when choosing a shampoo. 

  • Moisture and Hydration
    Choosing a shampoo that delivers a good amount of moisture is essential for anyone with dreadlocks. A good moisturizing shampoo will improve the look and feel of your hair and help it retain its moisture. A good moisturizing shampoo should be formulated with quality oils such as avocado and coconut.
  • Ingredients
    Buying dreadlock shampoos online is an excellent idea. However, be sure to check the ingredients before you buy. The best shampoos for dreads should be enriched with nourishing ingredients that leave your hair and scalp clean. One ingredient that is perfect for dreads is coconut oil. Another nourishing ingredient is avocado oil.
  • Formaldehyde-Free
    Using a formaldehyde-free shampoo is healthier and safer for your hair and your entire body. Formaldehyde is a known irritant and carcinogen that can cause allergic dermatitis and cancer. There are many different types of shampoos. Some contain formaldehyde and other chemicals. So, it is best to use chemical-free shampoos.
  • Residue-Free
    According to Afro Drops, aside from nourishing ingredients, you’ll want to ensure that the shampoo you buy is residue free. Using a shampoo with residue can make it difficult to tighten your dreads. There are many different brands of residue-free dread shampoo on the market. 
  • Beeswax-Free
    The dread shampoo that you choose should also be free from beeswax. Beeswax can clog your dreads, making them matted and dirty. It also attracts lint, which can further contribute to buildup.

How I Tested the Best Shampoos for Dreadlocks?

Choosing the right dreadlock shampoo can be tricky. So, to help you, we have tested more than 100 different shampoos to choose the 10 best for dreadlocks. Here are some important parameters we have considered when testing these shampoos.

  • Residue Free
    Using residue-free shampoos for dreadlocks will help to improve the overall health of your locks and the appearance of your hair. Many shampoos and conditioners can leave residue behind. It can be a bit of a problem for people with dreads. This can lead to dandruff, dry scalp, and even a dull appearance. So, you always need to choose a residue-free shampoo.
  • Mildly Cleansing
    Using a mildly cleansing shampoo for dreads is essential. It helps you remove product buildup and dirt from your scalp. It also works to maintain moisture in your dreads and help with dandruff. The best dreadlock shampoo is one that is free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, and artificial colors. 
  • Moisturizing
    A moisturizing shampoo for locs is a good way to keep your dreads looking fresh and healthy. Make sure you choose a shampoo that moisturizes your hair.

The 10 Best Shampoos For Dreadlocks

If you want to maintain your dreadlocks, you need to choose the right type of shampoo. Here are the 10 best shampoos you can use for dreadlocks.

#1. PURA D’OR Apple Cider Vinegar Thin2Thick Shampoo

Overall Best

PURA D'OR Apple Cider Vinegar Thin2Thick Shampoo
Editor’s Rating: 4.9
Product SKU: B07VSXNR2Z
Product Brand: PURA D’OR
Product Price: $29.99 Product Currency: $
Price Valid Until: 2024-07-31
Product In-Stock: InStock
  • PURA D’OR’s Apple Cider Vinegar Thin2Thick Shampoo is a good choice for anyone looking to cleanse and refresh dreadlocks. It contains a hefty dose of hydrating ingredients, including glycerin and castor oil, and features a clean-smelling fragrance. Unlike many other hair products, this shampoo doesn’t strip the natural oils out of your locks, leaving your tresses softer and stronger.
  • In addition to the apple cider vinegar-based formula, this shampoo also boasts a slew of other goodies, including biotin, which promotes thick, healthy hair, and a handful of natural plant-based preservatives. The company is also known for its eco-conscious stance, utilizing renewable energy, recyclable packaging, and no animal testing.
  • This shampoo is an ideal partner for a full head of hair. It is the best way to get the most out of your strands if you don’t mind a good scrubbing. It is perfect for all hair types and helps to cleanse your scalp from dirt buildup and residue. There are 15 key ingredients in this shampoo, including apple cider vinegar, to promote thicker and stronger hair.
  • Features:
    • Hydration for fuller hair
    • Clarifying for damaged hair
    • Deep cleansing for healthy hair
    • Contains wholesome botanical ingredients
    • Restores volume, shine, and luster
    • Hypoallergenic shampoo for dreads
    • Contains apple cider vinegar
    • Perfect for all hair types
    • Has moisturizing properties
    • Helps to reduce itching and flaking
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee
    • Sulfate and paraben-free
    • Not color safe
    • Smell is powerful

    #2. Jamaican Mango & Lime Tingle Shampoo & Protein Conditioner

    Best for Dry Scalp

    Jamaican Mango & Lime Tingle Shampoo & Protein Conditioner
    Editor’s Rating: 4.8
  • Choosing the best shampoo for dreadlocks is crucial to maintain healthy locks and avoiding breakage and split ends. Jamaican Mango & Lime Tingle Shampoo & Protein Conditioner is one of the best shampoos for dreadlocks. This shampoo contains Moringa seed oil and Manuka honey, which helps to cleanse as well as nourish your hair gently.
  • These botanical ingredients will soothe your dry scalp. This shampoo also contains tea tree extracts that help remove product buildup and stop itching. The protein conditioner will strengthen your hair and prevent breakage. The combination will clean, moisturize and repair your hair. 
  • The natural ingredients in this shampoo will help you reduce itchiness and dandruff. They also promote faster hair growth, moisturize your dreads, and make them look shiny. It also has a refreshing scent. 
  • Features:
    • Mango and lime formula
    • Relieves dandruff and itching
    • Tingle shampoo and protein conditioner
    • Prevents breakage
    • Mild cleansing shampoo
    • Perfect for all hair types
    • Contains moringa seed oil
    • Helps invigorate scalp
    • Gently cleanses
    • Helps remove product buildup
    • Strengthens hair and prevents breakage
    • Fragrance is soothing
    • Contains sulfate

    #3. Lion Locs Shampoo and Conditioner

    Best Residue Build-Up Free

    Lion Locs Shampoo and Conditioner
    Editor’s Rating: 4.7
  • Lion Locs Shampoo and Conditioner is a two-in-one product designed to keep your locs healthy. It works well with braids and retwists and will help soften your locs. This shampoo is made from organic ingredients and is cruelty-free. It is also free from harmful sulfates. It also contains vitamins A and E, jojoba oil, aloe, and castor oil.
  • The main benefit of this shampoo and conditioner for locs is that they can remove gunk and residue that can make it difficult to comb, style, and detangle. It is designed to repair and rejuvenate your locs. Moreover, it contains a blend of organic ingredients and is free of residue buildup.
  • It also includes green tea tree extract, which helps reduce dandruff and oiliness. This shampoo and conditioner will safely cleanse your hair and prevent any damage. It will also soften and hydrate your hair.
  • Features:
    • Dreadlocks shampoo and leave-in conditioner
    • 2-in-1 vegan formula 
    • For all types of hair and locs
    • No residue buildup 
    • Contains natural organic ingredients
    • Free of harmful chemicals 
    • Works for all types of locs
    • Helps to reduce breakage
    • Soften and hydrates hair
    • Helps to relieve dry, itchy scalp
    • Unisex and vegan shampoo
    • Lightweight and restorative
    • Slightly expensive 

    #4. OKAY Black Jamaican Castor Oil Shampoo

    Best Nourishing Shampoo

    OKAY Black Jamaican Castor Oil Shampoo
    Editor’s Rating: 4.6
  • Using OKAY Black Jamaican Castor Oil Shampoo is not only a fun and rewarding experience but also a no-fail way to restore the health of your locks. The shampoo is made up of castor oil and argan oil, all of which are formulated to nourish and protect your strands.
  • Despite the price tag, the shampoo is well worth the cost. It is also a daily cleansing shampoo that will make your hair grow longer and healthier. It is also perfect for brittle, damaged, and dry hair. This shampoo will also help you to prevent hair loss and grow new hair.
  • The natural oils in this shampoo also strengthen and moisturizes your hair. It will also make your hair fuller, thicker and shinier. Moreover, this shampoo contains many natural ingredients like vitamin E and omega 6 & 9 fatty acids. It also promotes blood circulation and encourages hair growth.
  • Features:
    • Daily cleansing shampoo
    • Nourishes and replenishes the scalp
    • Contains black Jamaican castor oil
    • For all hair types and textures
    • Natural product
    • Free of parabens, silicones, and sulfates
    • Helps to strengthen and repair your hair
    • Formulated with argan oil and castor oil
    • Promotes hair growth
    • Restores shine 
    • Hair loss prevention
    • Makes your hair manageable
    • Extremely watery content

    #5. Dread Head HQ Dread Dreadlock Soap

    Best for Sensitive Scalps

    Dread Head HQ Dread Dreadlock Soap
    Editor’s Rating: 4.5
  • Using Dread Head HQ Dread Dreadlock Soap is a great way to clean and sanitize your dreadlocks. Moreover, this soap also contains no artificial color, scent, or moisturizing additives and is free of heavy, oily ingredients, which can irritate your scalp and cause breakage. It is also a good choice for those with sensitive scalps or those with baby locs. It’s also a medicated soap that will cleanse your dreads and help prevent dandruff.
  • Dread Head HQ Dread Dreadlock soap is ideal for both new and experienced locticians. It’s also made with natural ingredients and essential oils that are gentle enough to clean and soothe your scalp. It also leaves no residue or tingling sensation, which is important for those with sensitive scalps. It’s also designed to eliminate dandruff and nits without leaving a greasy film behind.
  • This soap contains organic coconut-based surfactants, which help to clean as well as nourish dreadlocks. This soap helps to moisturize your hair and locks and also removes excess oils. However, if you have a sensitive scalp, this soap is perfect for you.
  • Features:
    • No residue buildup
    • Contain no oily perfumes
    • Good for sensitive scalp
    • Gets your hair clean and free of oils
    • Tightens your hair
    • Lightweight formula
    • Best dreadlocks soap
    • Soothes your scalp
    • Helps to clean and maintain dreadlocks
    • Non-irritating soap
    • Easy to use
    • Silicone-free
    • Doesn’t lather much

    #6. OUAI Detox Shampoo

    Best Detox Shampoo

    OUAI Detox Shampoo
    Editor’s Rating: 4.4
  • OUAI Detox Shampoo is a targeted treatment to improve the health of your mane while also providing a slew of benefits, including more manageable dreads. Moreover, this hair care innovation features a list of scientifically proven ingredients to help improve the health of your hair. These also include apple cider vinegar and keratin proteins. All of these ingredients work together to improve the health of your mane while improving its overall appearance. It is also gluten-free, a plus for anyone with allergies.
  • There are many shampoo and conditioner products out there, but OUAI Detox Shampoo stands out. It contains a cocktail of keratin proteins to strengthen your dreads while also preventing humidity from weighing them down. The sulfate-free formula also helps smooth and soften your locks.
  • The OUAI Detox shampoo may be a little more complicated to use than your average slender bottle of shampoo, but it’s worth the extra effort. Its gel formula means that you don’t have to worry about wasting it on clumpy strands, and you can use it on your entire head. However, for the best results, follow it up with a conditioning treatment designed by OUAI.
  • Features:
    • Best clarifying treatment
    • Contain apple cider vinegar
    • Cruelty-free formula
    • Perfect for all types of hair
    • Cleans and refreshes your locs
    • Shampoo gel
    • Helps to get rid of hard water buildup
    • Removes dirt and oil
    • Easy to use
    • Makes your hair soft
    • Nourishes your hair
    • Sulfate and paraben-free
    • Packaging is not good

    #7. Dollylocks Tea Tree Spearmint Liquid Dreadlock Shampoo

    Best for Oily Scalp

    Dollylocks Tea Tree Spearmint Liquid Dreadlock Shampoo
    Editor’s Rating: 4.3
  • Dollylocks Tea Tree Spearmint Liquid Dreadlock Shampoo is a great product to use. This product also contains a number of nourishing oils and natural ingredients, which can help moisturize your dreads and give your scalp the boost it needs. Moreover, it is formulated with tea tree oil, olive oil, coconut oil, spearmint, and almond oil.
  • The shampoo is also pH balanced, which means it will help you keep your dreads and scalp in good condition. It is also hypoallergenic, which is a must for anyone with dreads, whether your hair is naturally oily or dry. Moreover, this dreadlock shampoo helps to cleanse and soothe your scalp.
  • It will also leave your scalp feeling fresh and clean. This hydrating shampoo is also available in the form of a bar. It is also vegan, residue-free, and hydrates your hair. Moreover, this shampoo will gently cleanse your oily scalp and make your hair look great.
  • Features:
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Residue-free
    • Contains tea tree oil
    • Helps to eliminate dandruff
    • Best for oily scalp
    • Gentle cleansing shampoo
    • Relives itching
    • Soothes your scalp and nourishes your hair
    • Available in different formulas
    • Suitable for all types of hair
    • Very expensive

    #8. Knotty Boy Dreadlock Shampoo

    Best for Coily Hair

    Knotty Boy Dreadlock Shampoo
    Editor’s Rating: 4.3
  • Choosing the best dreadlock shampoo is essential, especially if you have long, thick dreads. The Knotty Boy Dreadlock Shampoo is lightweight and contains ingredients that are natural and gentle while cleaning your dreads. This shampoo is also affordable and safe to use.
  • The Knotty Boy Dreadlock Shampoo is one of the best options if you want to keep your dreads looking great. The shampoo also contains essential oils and natural ingredients that soothe your scalp. It also helps control dandruff, which is commonly associated with dreadlocks. This shampoo is also sulfate free, making it safe for anyone who has sensitive scalps. It also restores the natural balance in your scalp.
  • The Knotty Boy Natural Dreadlock Shampoos are made with 100% pure and natural ingredients. It is formulated with vegetable and botanical oils, which help loosen dirt and grime while allowing your hair to retain nutrients. The shampoo also contains tea tree, rosemary, and peppermint oil.
  • Features:
    • Residue-free
    • All-over-body use
    • Biodegradable and non-toxic       
    • Peppermint scent
    • Specially formulated for dreadlocks
    • Doesn’t leave any residue
    • Helps to clean the scalp
    • Best for oily hair type
    • Contains natural ingredients
    • Does not contain SLS
    • Doesn’t help with dandruff

    #9. Knatty Dread Dreadlocks Shampoo

    Best for Daily Use

    Knatty Dread Dreadlocks Shampoo
    Editor’s Rating: 4.2
  • Whether you have dreads or just want a natural, effective way to wash your hair, Knatty Dread Dreadlocks Shampoo is a great way to keep your dreads nourished and full. The shampoo’s unique formula works to tighten your locs while gently cleansing your scalp. In addition, the shampoo also contains essential oils that soothe and condition your scalp.
  • This dreadlocks shampoo contains coconut extracts for cleaning your hair and removing residue buildup. It also helps to reduce drying time after washing your hair. If your scalp is itchy, you may also want to try using this shampoo. It is also unscented and free of harmful chemicals.
  • Features:
    • Completely residue-free
    • Unscented shampoo
    • Great for dreadlocks  
    • Renewable coconut-based formula
    • Tightens dreadlocks
    • Helps new growth lock
    • Reduces drying time after washing
    • Cleanse and nourishes your hair
    • Not for Afro-textured hair

    #10. Twisted Sista Luxurious Clarifying Shampoo

    Best Clarifying Shampoo

    Twisted Sista Luxurious Clarifying Shampoo
    Editor’s Rating: 4.1
  • Using the Twisted Sista Luxurious Clarifying Shampoo, you can expect your hair to be shiny, healthy, and full of life. Moreover, this shampoo is made in the USA and is suitable for all hair types. In fact, it is recommended to use it in conjunction with an aloe vera gel to ensure optimal results.
  • The Twisted Sista shampoo is formulated using coconut, almond, and avocado oils to ensure hair is moisturized, healthy and frizz-free. You can also expect this shampoo to cleanse your hair of dirt and oil in no time at all. It is best to use this shampoo at least twice a week to avoid any scalp problems.
  • Features:
    • Hydration shampoo
    • Healthy and prevents split ends
    • Cleanse + hydrates + nourishes hair     
    • Sulfate-free
    • Improves scalp health
    • Contains Coconut, avocado, and almond oil
    • Non-drying
    • Allows hair to grow strong
    • Scent is overwhelming

    FAQs on Best Shampoo for Dreadlocks

    Can You Wash Dreadlocks With Shampoo?

    Can You Wash Dreadlocks With Shampoo

    Yes, you can wash your dreadlocks with shampoo. However, make sure you choose only the best shampoo for dreadlocks. Pour some shampoo into your hands, also add some water and create a lather. Now, apply the lather to your scalp and gently massage it. Moreover, the best way to clean your dreads is to use a residue-free shampoo.

    How Often Should You Wash Your Dreads?

    How Often Should You Wash Your Dreads

    Depending on how active you are, you may need to wash your dreads several times a month. According to Love Locs, to maintain your dread, it is best to wash them once a week. If you are not washing your dreads regularly, you will also have a buildup of gunk and debris on your scalp. However, this can damage your dreads and can cause an itchy scalp.

    Final Thoughts

    Choosing the best shampoo for dreadlocks can be a difficult task. When searching for a shampoo, you must choose one that will not only clean your dreads but also keep them smooth and elastic. You should also choose one that will not cause your scalp to become oily or itchy. Using a shampoo that contains natural oils can help to reduce dandruff and itching. You also need to look for a shampoo that is sulfate-free, paraben-free, and silicone-free. In this article, we have tested and reviewed the 10 best shampoos for dreadlocks. However, depending on your hair type and scalp condition, you can choose any of these shampoos.

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