Despite the state of your hair, natural or chemically treated, curly or straight long or short, you may have had to deal with tangles at one point. Tangled hair is a post-wash or post-shower condition that makes your hair uncontrollably weak, brittle, and tresses dry. Detangling the hair is not just a complicated process. It is also hair damaging, time-consuming as well as depressing. This article gives you a clear idea of choosing the best shampoo for tangled hair, their benefits, and how they work.

Most people, however, rely on a hairbrush or comb to detangle their hair. Seeing a lot of hair on the comb is an uncomparable pain that women understand. However, this sparks a crucial question- why is my hair so tangled after washing? One most common reason why the hair tangles after washing are poor rinsing. If you fail to rinse the hair thoroughly, leaving some product, your hair is likely to tangle.

Sometimes lack of proper conditioning may cause tangling. This is to say, in addition to cleansing, conditioning your hair is necessary. If you notice the hair still weaves even after conditioning, then it is time to reevaluate your shampoo. Detangling your hair with minimum breakage is possible with the proper techniques and products. Besides reducing breakage, the right shampoo and conditioner make the otherwise tedious and challenging process easy. 

Fortunately, there are various shampoos and conditioners that will help with this significant issue. The shampoo you will use to detangle your hair will determine the result. You can say goodbye to this hair problem with the best shampoo for detangling hair.

Top 7 Causes of Tangling for Hair

The hair tangles when the cuticles block each other. The following are some of the causes of tangling.

  1. Dehydration – According to Luxury Hair. It is one of the common reasons for tangled hair and is common in chemically treated hair. If the hair is dry, the chances of tangling are very high.
  2. Friction – It may be caused by clothing, bedding, pillowcases, and other towels. This, therefore, explains why your hair is always tangled when you wake up.
  3. Incomplete rinsing after washing the hair also causes tangling, especially when the product remains in the hair.
  4. Overwashing and heat styling.
  5. Using harsh hair products that contain harsh chemicals.
  6. Rubbing the hair with a towel.
  7. Massaging the hair too hard when washing.

How To Select the Best Shampoo for Tangled Hair

Selecting the best shampoo for tangled hair is not a very easy task. Most people resolve to buy what their friends recommend or what most people use. However, this is not the best approach to follow. What may work for one person may not be suitable for the other. For this reason, we have prepared a list of considerations to make before making your buying decision.

  • Moisturizing Properties
    Before picking the best shampoo for tangled hair, make sure it contains plant proteins and other nourishing ingredients such as aloe vera, olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, or other moisturizing ingredients.
  • Fragrance
    The product’s scent is also another factor to consider. Some products have a strong fragrance that may be uncomfortable for some people. So make sure that you are also comfortable with the smell before buying it.
  • Free From Harsh Chemicals Like Fragrance
    It is also advisable that you select a free product from chemicals that may be harsh on the skin. Chemicals like paraben are primarily found in most products as they are meant to preserve the shelf life of products. Instead, select organic and healthy products for both the hair and skin.
  • Ingredients
    When buying a detangling shampoo, it is also essential to go for the one with crucial healthy elements for the hair. Look for ingredients like essential oils, vitamins, and plant extract as they promote healthy hair.
  • Type of Hair
    Some products are suitable for chemically treated hair, others for natural hair and others for curly hair. Consider the state and nature of your hair before buying any product.

Top 10 Best Shampoos & Conditioners for Tangled Hair

We realized that many people are getting confused about which product to buy with numerous products today. This, therefore, made us review some of these products and come up with a somewhat smaller list. In our list, we have narrowed it down to the top ten best shampoos and conditioners for tangled hair.

#1. Matrix Biolage Hydrasource Detangling Solution

Best Solution for Tangled Hair Overall

Matrix Biolage Hydrasource Detangling Solution
Editor’s Rating: 5.0
Product SKU: B00L00RLVA
Product Brand: BIOLAGE
Product Price: 32.00 Product Currency: $
Price Valid Until: 2024-05-31
Product In-Stock: InStock
  • Most people have been talking a lot about this product. This, therefore, made us review the product. It is inspired by aloe that prevents dryness and irritation. Many people have recommended this product for its intense hydration to the hair; once we tested it, it was great. The aloe vera also helps in the gentle cleansing of the hair.
  • In addition to aloe vera, it is made with other nourishing ingredients like apricot kernel oil and Cupuacu butter. Since dry hair is prone to tangling and breakage, the aloe extract in this shampoo moisturizes your dry hair reducing the tangling.
  • Moreover, the drier the hair, the greater the chances of tangling, making it difficult to manage. This solution, therefore, makes it easier to manage your hair by addressing the root cause of tangling, that is, by making your hair smooth and soft.
  • It offers multifaceted benefits to your hair strands, including strengthening, nourishing, and obliterating the problems of brittle, dry, and dull ends.
  • Features:
    • It contains aloe vera extract that moisturizes the hair.
    • Sulfate-free hence a good option for color-treated hair
    • In addition, it is vegan and paraben-free.
    • Besides aloe vera, it is designed with natural ingredients like passion fruit.
    • It is 100% vegan 
    • The lightweight formula contains no harsh chemicals.
    • Aloe vera extract
    • Cupuacu butter
    • Apricot kernel oil
    • Moisturizes the moisture balance of the hair
    • Promotes healthy, smooth, and soft hair
    • It is a nourishing formula
    • Suitable for all types of hair, including color-treated hair
    • Eliminates frizz
    • Enhances the protective barrier of the tresses
    • The strong scent may be uncomfortable for some people

    #2. Creme of Nature Professional Detangling and Conditioning Shampoo

    The Best Shampoo for Dry Tangled Hair

    Creme of Nature Professional Detangling and Conditioning Shampoo
    Editor’s Rating: 4.9
  • It is an exceptional energizing formula that pampers your hair tresses. This product is the best shampoo and conditioner for tangled hair as it conditions your hair other than cleansing it. Crème of nature shampoo contains essential oils and natural extracts nourishing, hydrating, and strengthening hair.
  • Additionally, this shampoo is infused with the benefits and richness of coconut and sunflower. Therefore, we agree that the ideal combination of flowers and fruits makes it the best shampoo for tangled hair. It is also a cleansing and moisturizing formula that leaves your hair shiny, smooth, and healthy. Besides moisturizing, it nourishes dry and starved hair with excellent natural nutrients. In addition to other benefits, it clarifies the hair follicles and makes the hair strands healthy and easy to manage. This, therefore, reduces the tangling and hair breakage.
  • Features:
    • Contains natural ingredients of flowers, fruits, and essential oils.
    • It is also an excellent oil-based shampoo that nourishes the hair
    • The shampoo is designed with coconut oil, one of the most popular natural nourishers
    • Unfortunately, it contains sulfates, especially SLS
    • However, it is free from parabens and other harsh chemicals
    • Additionally, it contains sunflower and olive oil.
    • Aqua
    • Tropical coconut
    • Sunflower
    • It offers nourishing, cleansing, and moisturizing benefits
    • The formula contains natural ingredients that strengthen the hair
    • An intelligent formula that offers gentle cleansing
    • It has a pleasant tropical coconut fragrance
    • Suitable for detangling all types of hair
    • It also leaves the hair silkier, smoother, and healthier than before
    • It contains sulfates that may be harsh on the scalp

    #3. The Mane Choice Easy on the Curls Detangling Conditioner

    Best Conditioner for Curly Tangled Hair

    The Mane Choice Easy on the Curls Detangling Conditioner
    Editor’s Rating: 4.8
  • We recommend this shampoo for those struggling with tangling problems in their curly hair. It is works magic on my wavy perm, and it is also good on the texture. It is also specifically designed for curly hair, facilitating smooth detangling while making the hair soft and shiny. Additionally, it contains vital nutrients for the hair, including vitamin E and biotin. This is, therefore, the best part about this product.
  • There have been beautiful reviews about this product from users that made us try it. It offers instant incredible results on curly hair. Other than detangling your hair, it cuts down on your hair washing days by half. Even with the reduced washing days, your hair will always be clean and nourished. It is a safe option for sensitive scalps and those prone to irritation. This is because it is free from harsh chemicals like sulfates. Out of 5, we rate 5, 4.5, and 4 on detangling properties, absence of harsh chemicals, and hair texture after use, respectively.
  • Features:
    • It is a rejuvenating formula.
    • It contains nutritious botanicals such as aloe vera and avocado oil
    • Additionally, it is infused with rosemary and grapefruit extract.
    • Sulfate and paraben-free
    • It is also free from mineral oils and petrolatum
    • Biotin, avocado oil, and vitamin E offer strengthening properties
    • The Vitamin E also enhances moisture retention
    • Vitamin E
    • Biotin
    • Aloe leaf extract
    • Offers super hydrating benefits
    • Strengthens the hair
    • The product has an impeccable detangling effect
    • It is safe for the sensitive scalp as it is sulfate and paraben-free
    • The formula prevents weighing down curls
    • Offers instant detangling 
    • It also prevents greasiness
    • It may not be suitable for straight and low porous hair

    #4. Fairy Tales Tangle Tamer Super-Charge Detangling Shampoo for Kids

    Best Shampoo for Detangling Kids Hair

    Fairy Tales Tangle Tamer Super-Charge Detangling Shampoo for Kids
    Editor’s Rating: 4.8
  • The excellent detangling product is the best option for detangling children’s hair of all types and textures. It is a gentle and smooth option for sensitive scalps and those with irritation. This is because the product is free from chemicals like sulfates that may be harsh on the skin. Besides skin irritation, it is also extra gentle to people with skin allergies, including adults.
  • The formula is also a multitasking product that detangles the hair and removes unwanted frizz. Moreover, it contains vitamin E and jojoba oil that moisturizes and nourishes your kid’s hair leaving it smooth, shiny, and silk. Besides jojoba oil and Vitamin E, it also contains other nourishing nutrients like Aloe vera extract, which is very healthy for the hair. In addition, the jojoba oil in the formula includes minerals and vitamins that strengthen the hair, reducing hair breakage.
  • Features:
    • Free from harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and gluten
    • It is made with a pleasant fragrance of pineapples
    • The shampoo also contains nourishing nutrients like aloe, jojoba, and vitamin E
    • Additionally, it contains vitamin B and keratin 
    • It is also infused with panthenol, which helps eliminate frizz
    • The hydrolyzed keratin in the formula helps fortify the hair
    • It is also free from soy, nut-derived oils, and gluten
    • Jojoba oil
    • Aloe vera extract
    • Vitamin B and E
    • Suitable for all hair textures
    • Free from harsh chemicals like paraben and phthalates
    • Contains vitamin E and B, jojoba oil, and aloe vera extract
    • The product has a pleasant pineapple fragrance
    • It offers both moisturizing and nourishing effects
    • This shampoo is not very suitable for adults

    #5. Design Essentials Honey Cream Shampoo

    Best Refreshing Shampoo for Dry, Tangled Hair

    Design Essentials Honey Cream Shampoo
    Editor’s Rating: 4.7
  • The formula is primarily made for dry hair, but it is also the best shampoo for detangled hair which leaves the hair hydrated. It is formulated with honey crème condition as a critical ingredient to help smoothen the hair cuticles, making the hair easy to manage. The formula also enhances moisture retention.
  • Additionally, this formula is gentle on the skin and scalp therefore suitable for daily usage. Other than detangling the hair, it smoothes and softens the hair. After use, it leaves the tresses silky and soft while at the same time strengthening the hair and preventing damage, breakage, and frizzes. It is the best shampoo for tangled hair as it works wonders and is suitable for both men and women.
  • The formula is free from harsh chemicals like parabens making it gentle on the scalp and reducing hair damage.
  • Features:
    • It is alcohol and paraben-free hence safe for use and promotes healthy hair.
    • Supports healthy hair with honey crème as the main ingredient
    • It is best known for its moisture retention properties
    • In addition to detangling, it also offers both cleansing and moisturizing properties.
    • The shampoo also smoothens the cuticles making hair management easy.
    • Honey
    • Citric acid
    • Polyquaternium-7
    • Suitable for all hair types
    • Offers nourishing, detangling, and moisturizing properties
    • It instantly detangles the hair.
    • With its thick consistency, you only need little product
    • It is also a mild formula that softens the cuticles
    • It contains sodium and sulfate

    #6. Shea Moisture Red Palm Oil and Cocoa Butter Detangling Shampoo

    Shea Moisture Red Palm Oil and Cocoa Butter Detangling Shampoo
    Editor’s Rating: 4.7
  • The formula is helpful for people with tangled hair problems and those with dry hair. It is also the best option for people with curly hair. It has a blend of red palm oil ad cocoa butter that keeps the hair moisturized. This powerful blend also enables it to give your elongated curls the softness and shine it needs.
  • We love this product mainly because it contains no harmful chemicals like sulfates and phthalates. This, therefore, makes it healthy and safe for the scalp. For this reason, it is suitable for sensitive scalps and people with sensitivity issues. Also, keeping your curly hair elongated rather than shrunk and short is a great struggle. This is an anti-breakage hydrating product for damaged and dry hair.
  • The formula works by solving the root cause of the problem. It prevents the curly hair from shrinking and drying by moisturizing it.
  • Features:
    • It contains vitamins and antioxidants. 
    • Free from harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens
    • Additionally, it also contains flaxseed oil that prevents shrinkage
    • It includes a blend of red palm oil and cocoa butter
    • In addition, it is also infused with certified organic shea butter.
    • Cocoa butter
    • Red palm oil
    • Shea butter
    • It is a sulfate-free shampoo
    • Rich in antioxidants and vitamins
    • Detangles all types of hair, including coily and tight curls
    • It has a pleasant scent
    • Suitable for all hair types
    • Not ideal for low porous hair

    #7. Noah Kids Detangling Shampoo

    Noah Kids Detangling Shampoo
    Editor’s Rating: 4.7
  • If tangled hair is painful for adults, how more could it be for kids? Children’s hair is more sensitive to breakage during detangling. Therefore, buying the best shampoo for tangled hair is a necessity. Noah’s kids detangling shampoo contains sugar and milk protein. Therefore, this ideal combination makes it an excellent detangling product for kids.
  • It is also suitable and safe for daily use as it does not contain harmful substances like sulfate, silicone, and paraben. The lack of such harsh chemicals makes it safe for children, especially those with allergies and sensitivity issues. In addition, the milk in the formula is an excellent conditioner. Besides bringing down the tangles, the milk also helps to soften the hair and reduce frizz.
  • On the other hand, Vitamin E improves scalp circulation, reduces hair shine, and reduces hair fall. It also works to balance oil production. In addition, it is made with eco-friendly ingredients, and it is organic, vegan, and cruelty-free.
  • Features:
    • The shampoo is a mild formula and gentle for kids
    • It is a non-toxic product
    • Vegan and cruelty-free
    • Enriched with sugar, milk, and vitamin E
    • It is also free from other chemicals like paraben, silicone, SLS, and paraffin
    • Vitamin E
    • Hydrolyzed milk protein
    • Glycerin
    • Offers a balance in oil production
    • Gentle on the skin and scalp
    • Conditions and softens the hair
    • Improves scalp circulation
    • Vegan and cruelty-free
    • The scent may be vital for some people

    #8. Oribe Priming Lotion Leave-In Conditioning Detangler

    Oribe Priming Lotion Leave-In Conditioning Detangler
    Editor’s Rating: 4.6
  • This is not just an ordinary conditioner. It contains natural extracts that make it work as a complete regimen for the hair. This, therefore, prevents air breakage by making it easy to comb and instantly detangles. In addition, the nutrient-filled formula makes the hair healthy by repairing any damages, making it look shiny and vibrant.
  • Additionally, it offers an excellent moisturizing and nourishing effect that promotes healthy and smooth hair. It is also enhanced with keratin protein to protect the hair against damage and dryness. In addition, the keratin also works to seal the cuticles. The hydrating formula contains caucus, butter, and mango seed that moisturizes and smoothens the hair.
  • It is the best shampoo and conditioner for tangled curly hair as it contains avocado oil and other vitamins that add moisture and nourish the hair. Besides the vitamins, it contains jojoba oil that prevents dryness by sealing the cuticles. It is, therefore, a remarkable product for those struggling with dehydration besides tangling.
  • Features:
    • It contains natural oils, fruit, and floral extracts
    • Offers multidimensional benefits of natural ingredients
    • It is free from harsh chemicals like sulfates and paraben
    • Cruelty-free with an antioxidant feature
    • It contains vitamin A, B, D, and E besides avocado oil
    • Other ingredients are olive oil, lychee, mango, and cocoa seed butter
    • Jojoba oil
    • Vitamins A, B, D, and E
    • Mango seed
    • It is a super-effective formula
    • Has a unique, pleasant fragrance
    • Cruelty-free hence safe
    • Free from harsh chemicals
    • It offers both nourishing and moisturizing benefits
    • The fragrance may be overpowering

    #9. L’Oreal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Restoring Shampoo

    L'Oreal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Restoring Shampoo
    Editor’s Rating: 4.6
  • It is a popular product for damaged and tangled hair loved by its users. Adding this effective product to your hair washing routine is an effective way to eliminate knots and tangles.
  • According to L’Oreal Paris, the concentrated sulfate-free formula completely detangles the hair while at the same time promoting a glossy and smooth finish. It is as light as water treatment that does not weigh down the hair. This formula will not weigh down whether your hair is fine or thin. It is the best shampoo for fine tangled hair and thick, tangled hair.
  • It is formulated with vitamin E and refined castor oil that improves hair growth while enriching the scalp. The paraben-free creamy restoring shampoo is also known for repairing damaged hair besides detangling and adding shine. It is enriched with a candy fragrance and contains orchids, milk, and pomegranate.
  • Features:
    • Contains refined castor oil in addition to vitamin B3 and B5
    • It is paraben and sulfate-free
    • Additionally, it contains hydrolyzed wheat protein.
    • It is a lightweight creamy product that does not weigh down the hair
    • The product is free from other harmful chemicals like silicone and dye
    • Combines notes of milk sorbet, permanganate, and caramel orchid for the sweet fragrance
    • Vitamin B3, B5, and E
    • Hydrolized wheat protein
    • Free from harsh chemicals
    • Restores and repairs damaged hair
    • It also strengthens and protects the hair
    • Lathers readily and restores shine
    • It has a sweet candy fragrance
    • Strong fragrance for some people
    • Other users claimed that it makes the hair hard to flat iron

    #10. Hask Keratin Protein Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner

    Hask Keratin Protein Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner
    Editor’s Rating: 4.6
  • The remarkable hair smoothening pack is the best shampoo and conditioner for tangled hair. In addition, it is enriched with health benefits for your tresses. It contains keratin that coats the hair shaft and improves manageability by reducing split ends and knots.
  • The hydrolyzed keratin also reduces frizz and blocks humidity. It also enhances the general appearance of the hair. Besides, shampoo restores damaged and over-processed hair by smoothening, receiving, and restoring the hair while reducing knots and frizz. Hask Keratin Protein Smoothing Shampoo is a good option for damaged hair as it intensively strengthens the hair.
  • Besides all that, the duo pack enhances the natural proteins and fibers while improving the scalp’s health. It is a gentle formula that furnishes the hair offering a radiant look. In addition, it contains hydrolyzed collagen, an anti-breakage formula that enhances the vitality and elasticity of the hair strands.
  • Features:
    • It is sulfate and paraben-free
    • Additionally, it is free from gluten and drying alcohol
    • Formulated with keratin protein as the main ingredient
    • It contains hydrolyzed collagen for elasticity
    • In addition, it contains sesame, coconut, and olive oil
    • Keratin protein
    • Hydrolyzed collagen
    • Coconut oil
    • Cruelty-free
    • Free from harsh chemicals like parabens
    • Revitalizes the scalp
    • Offers anti-breakage benefits
    • Detangles and moisturizes the hair
    • The results may be non-permanent even though it works amazingly

    Detangling using shampoo may be challenging for some people. Therefore, in this video, you will be able to learn how to do it quickly.

    Final Thoughts

    Tangles, knots, and frizzes are the leading hair issues that weaken the hair, causing breakage. However, with the right products in your hair routine bucket, you can reduce the breakage and promote stronger and healthier hair. Using the best shampoo for tangled hair will prevent hair damage, split ends, and breakages while detangling your hair. 

    With many such products in the market, it may be impossible to make a buying decision. For this reason, we recommend Matrix Biolage Hydrasource Detangling Solution as the overall best shampoo for tangled hair. Even though it may be expensive, it has lovely detangling properties with high-quality ingredients. It is also suitable for all types and textures of hair and is the best shampoo for thick, tangled hair.

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