Claire Underwood Hairstyle

Though Kevin Spacey’s controversies have tainted its memory, House of Cards remains timeless in one particular way: Robin Wright’s (Claire Underwood) haircut. The sleek, no-nonsense bob was one of the hottest hairstyles of 2013, and it’s still in vogue for female professionals and others who want to combine power, prestige, and femininity.

Why did Robin Wright cut her hair?

Despite popular belief, Robin Wright didn’t cut her hair to embody the girl boss look. Instead, it was a personal decision prompted by damage from previous roles.

“I was just cutting off damaged hair,” she said in an interview. “[There was] too much bleach over months of different movies. It was a mercy killing, but it works for the character.”

She did agree to go platinum blonde for her role as Claire Underwood, which necessitated one more dye job, but the haircut wasn’t originally part of the plan. So instead, she just took the super short pixie style and became part of her character’s mystique.

Robin Wright Hairstyle in House of Cards

What Is a Long Pixie Haircut?

As its name implies, a long pixie is longer than a traditional pixie cut. You might hear it called a “lixie.” There are many ways to accomplish it:

  • Side-swept bangs with a short-cropped back
  • A layered bob with some layers longer than others
  • A pixie cut with wispy bangs or feathery layers to give the impression of volume
  • Front or curtained bangs with an undercut

Check out this YouTube video for more style inspiration for long pixie cuts.

Did Robin Wright have an undercut?

Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed the undercut in Claire Underwood’s signature haircut. It was done in this style to reduce the bulky, curly look with bobs and pixie cuts on top. Since there’s less volume underneath, the hair lays flatter and looks sleeker.

How do you customize a bob or pixie cut?

It may be shorter than most haircuts, but you can still dress up your bob. One of the easiest ways is to crimp or curl your front or side bangs; this will add an element of visual interest to your hair while still allowing you to reap the benefits of a short, no-stress cut. Robin Wright’s character did this frequently in House of Cards.

Another way of personalizing your pixie cut is to part it differently. A front-brushed bob with bangs, for example, can give you a casually messy “everyday” look. You can pair an elegant side part with a nice outfit for old Hollywood glam. A fluffy pompadour style can look punk, especially if you tease it over shaved sides.

How can you get Robin Wright’s haircut in House of Cards?

If you want to rock the same look as Robin, the easiest way is to take some pictures of your hairdresser. They can help you determine if it’s something that’ll look good with your unique face shape and hair type. They can also help you decide on the particulars of your pixie cut in terms of bangs, layers, colors, and so on.

Robin Wright’s haircut is one of the most enduring aspects of House of Cards. Though the show is almost a decade old, the bob is as trendy and stylish as ever, especially for working women. So give it a try if you want to look gorgeous, glamorous, and ready to become the next President of the United States!

FAQ’s on Claire Underwood Haircut

What is the “House of Cards” haircut?

Claire Underwood Haircut

Robin Wright’s haircut was a short, asymmetrically cut bob or pixie cut. It had a long side part that could function as bangs for an everyday look or be swept aside for a classy updo. It also had an undercut to reduce bulk and layering on top.

What was the style of Robin Wright’s short hair?

Robin Wright Haircut

According to her stylist Paul Norton, “Robin’s cut [was] the perfect balance of sophistication and edge.” It allowed her to strut her stuff in a man’s world while maintaining beauty and femininity. Practically speaking, its length also allowed her to have different “looks” throughout the seasons, which was critical for the ever-evolving nature of her character.

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